Mojito Collection featured in ‘Picklemints’ Quilt by Toby Lischko


Are you keeping cool as a cucumber this summer?  For those wanting to beat the heat, keep your eyes open for the next edition of Quiltmaker Magazine– the September/ October 2015 edition, soon to be released to news stands.  Featured in this next edition of Quiltmaker Magazine is a gorgeous quilt project by award-winning quilt designer, Toby Lischko, featuring fabric from the Mojito collection released by Clothworks earlier this spring.  Cool off in the A/C while you stitch piece by piece, Toby’s Picklemints Quilt Design!

quiltmaker cover

In this new edition of Quiltmaker, quilt designer Toby Lischko will instruct you step by step on how to make her gorgeous quilt, ‘Picklemints’.  Aptly titled– as it features the fresh fabric designs from the Mojito collection by Clothworks.

picklemints quilt

Be sure to stop by Toby’s website, Gateway Quilts N Stuff, to read more about the special acrylic templates she has developed to help save you lots of time in making the Picklemints Quilt.


And be sure to stop by your local quilt shop to pick up some of the zesty Mojito fabric collection by Clothworks before it melts away!

The Importance of Labeling Your Quilt: A Tutorial

Finished label on quilt

How to add a label to a completed quilt- The License Plate Quilt by American Made Brands sponsored by Clothworks.

One of the often overlooked, but very critical details in making a quilt is the addition of a label.  There’s so much thought put into preparing and creating a quilt masterpiece:  designing or choosing a quilt pattern, selecting fabric & calculating yardage, cutting & piecing, adding sashing and borders, preparing the backing, and finally, quilting and binding.  It’s no wonder that making a label for the quilt is sometimes a forgotten step in the process or even an afterthought, if that.

Here’s why it’s important to make a label for your quilt–

1)  Give yourself credit!  You’ve spent lots of time putting your heart & soul, and maybe some blood, sweat, and tears, into making your quilt creation.  Whether you give it away to someone special or enter it into a quilt show- it’s important to give yourself credit by labeling  your work.  Who knows- decades or centuries down the road- your masterpiece quite possibly could end up in the Smithsonian and it would be a shame to have it credited to ‘unknown’.

2)  Tracking a lost quilt will be easier to find with a label!  Although we don’t like to think about the unfortunate events of losing something in the mail, sometimes it does happen when we ship through the USPS, or UPS and FedEx.  And if you’re planning to pack your quilt in your luggage when you fly, sometimes your luggage might not make it to your destination, either.  Of course you can always give a visual description of your quilt design & fabric to the lost & found clerk, but they might have a different idea of what ‘flying geese’ are. Having a label with your name and other contact information could make it 100 times easier to locate your lost quilt, speeding up the reunion between you and your quilt.

3)  Having a label on your quilt is part of the criteria when entering it into a show!  See reasons above- with so many quilts entered into a show, you will receive much deserved credit for your beautiful design & it will be 100 times easier to have your quilt returned to you quickly if you have a quilt label sewn on to the quilt with accurate contact information.  The advantage of having a quilt label that’s sewn on to your quilt is that there’s no tag that falls off or paperwork that is mis-pinned to it.

Here’s what information to put on your quilt label–

If you’re entering the quilt into a show, here’s an example of the information to include on your labels:


As you can see above- these labels are for quilts that were entered into the Farm to Fabric Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand fabrics by Clothworks.  These quilt labels were labeled with the following information:

Name of Quilt Show

Title of Quilt

Name of Quilt Designer & Maker

City & State of Quilt Designer & Maker

Dimensions of Quilt listed in inches– Width by Length

Those labels are just an example of what information to include.  Be sure to check with the quilt show in which you are entering your quilt as they may have specific quilt label guidelines.  If you plan to give your quilt as a gift to someone, you can choose to make your label more personal by adding an endearing message.  And as mentioned above, if you are nervous about your quilt becoming ‘lost’ in transit, it might be a good idea to add an email address or phone number as a point of contact.

So, when do you add a quilt label during the quilt making process?

It’s best to apply the quilt label to your quilt back before you quilt your top, batting, and backing together.  Sew the label to the quilt backing fabric, then quilt away and add your binding to complete your quilt.  That way, your label is securely sewn into your quilt and will never fall off—unless you are crazy enough to rip out all of the quilting.

Help!  How to add a quilt label to a completely finished quilt?!

Maybe you’ve gained some insight after reading this blog post, with the cogs & wheels turning in your brain now as you stare at that pile of quilts that are nearly completely but have no quilt label!  You’re in luck- we’ve created an easy pictorial tutorial to solve the problem– thanks to resident Clothworks quilting queen, Toni B. for her guidance and help!!

EZ Tutorial:  How to Add a Quilt Label to A Completed Quilt


Remember the American Made Brand License Plate Quilt made up of license plate blocks by our highly talented bloggers from all 50 states during the AMB Blog Tour Roadtrip last year?  Well, after all of that stunning work in putting together that beauty of a quilt– YUP! You guessed it– we forgot to make a label for it!

Good thing there’s a product on the market such as this– Iron-On Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets for Ink Jet Printers.

Quick Fuse Iron On Labels

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to make a label on your computer to print using your ink jet printer.

AMB License Plate Label- Pinked edges

Here’s our lovely label printed on to one of the Fusible Fabric Sheets.  As you can see, September, our amazing Graphic Designer here at Clothworks, did a fantastic job making an easy-to-read label which credits all of the talented contributors of our AMB License Plate Quilt.  Toni B. pinked the edges of the label to prevent fraying, since we will not be sewing the label on to the back of the finished quilt.

AMB License Plate Label back of page

Notice the ‘gummy’ fusible backing on the fabric label.

Position label on quilt

Place the fabric label to the back of your completed quilt and position where desired.  Here, we are placing the label on the lower right corner of the back of the quilt.  Since you will be ironing the fabric label to fuse it to the back of the quilt, place the quilt and label on top of an ironing board.

Fusing Label to quilt

After you’ve positioned your quilt label, use a protective iron sheet to place over your fusible quilt label before you apply your iron.  This will ensure that you do not burn the fabric and cause any nasty marks on your beautiful label.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the iron to your label.

Finished label on quilt

And ta-da!!!  You have successfully added a quilt label to your completed quilt!  Allow your label and quilt to cool a little after ironing.  Check to make sure all areas of the label have been adequately adhered to the quilt and you’re good to go!

Happy Quilting!


Show & Tell: Aprons & Mitts, cute as a ‘Hey Cupcake’!

Apron & mitt

Summer is that time of the year when most are heading off to the beach, a national park, an amusement park, or some other fun outdoor attraction.  Shirl, Accounting Extraordinaire here at Clothworks, just returned from her summer vacation and brought back some fun Show & Tell.  You’d think maybe she’d bring back some seashells from the beach, but instead she brought in these adorable aprons and mitts made from cute fabric in the Hey Cupcake collection by designer Dan DiPaolo, released by Clothworks earlier this year.  Above is an apron that Shirl worked on with her sister Carolyn, who just happens to be an exquisite quilter and has her own long-arm quilting service in California.   And if you’re wondering, that apron pattern is from the Taylor Made Designs book, More Retro Aprons, by Cindy Taylor Oates.

mittsHere are some sweet oven mitts- from the left is a pot holder/mitt hybrid and to the right are mitts and oven gloves.  Shirl and her sister Carolyn traced an oven glove to create their own pattern template to make these.

Now why, you ask, would Shirl and her sister Carolyn spend some time sewing and creating these lovely aprons while on vacation?!  Well, why not!  And instead of buying cheap souvenirs, these aprons and mitts are gifts for Shirl’s neighbors who kindly watched Shirl’s sweet little Yorkie mix named Charley while she was away.

Just look at the adorable girl’s aprons below that Carolyn made!!  The ruffles and zig-zag trim are the icing on the cake on these simple apron silhouettes.  The cupcake prints from Hey Cupcake fabric collection by Clothworks are too cute!

little girl aprons

Sew, how’s that for some ‘sew’-cation summer fun?!!!  What about you?  What kinds of fun projects have you cooked up this summer?

‘Simply Moderne’ Magazine Contest featuring AMB Solids!


The creative people of Quiltmania, a quilting publication based in France, are excited to launch a new magazine that will hit the shelves in the USA tomorrow!  Simply Moderne is the new release by Quiltmania— look for this new magazine cover at your local quilt shop or bookseller arriving Wednesday July 15th, 2015.  In honor of the new publication’s release, Quiltmania is hosting a contest that’s sure to help add a bit of fun to your summer!  Participate in the #SimplyModerne Summer Game contest beginning now and you could win some fantastic prizes– including some beautiful American Made Brand solid fabrics!



How to Participate:

1)  Bring a copy of the new #SimplyModerne Magazine with you to wherever you go on your summer travels—the beach, countryside, mountains, desert, your sewing room, or even at the top of the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty!

2)  Share the photo with your friends on facebook- post the photo in the comments here: or on Instagram with hashtag #SimplyModerne

3)  Once there are 80 photos shared, Quiltmania will select 20 of the best pictures to win the following prizes:

  • 10 spools of #Aurifil thread– the “Fresh Modern & Timeless” collection by #VictoriaWolfe
  • a mini double wedding ring template set by #EZquilting
  • gorgeous colorful fabrics by #AmericanMadeBrand

4)  Contest is valid until August 31, 2015

Let’s see how creative you can get with your photo entries!  Best of luck!

Easy Quilt Project with AMB Solids: Summer Cabin by Anita Peluso


Looking for an easy quilt project to work on this summer?  Look no further– in the Summer 2015 edition of Fons & Porters Easy Quilts is an easy log cabin appropriately called ‘Summer Cabin’.  Designed by our friend Anita Peluso (and local quilt & craft genius who operates the lovely blog Bloomin’ Workshop), this gorgeous quilt uses fat quarters in assorted solid colors to create a vibrant & visually-appealing pieced quilt.

summer cabin

In her quilt, ‘Summer Cabin’, Anita used creamy tonals mixed with vibrant brights in a rainbow of hues from the American Made Brand solid fabric collection released by Clothworks to give the log cabin block a modern look.  What’s so wonderful about the American Made Brand solid fabrics are they are made of 100% cotton grown right here in the USA and manufactured into gorgeous woven quilting fabric- also here in the USA!  But even better are the range of colors- 62 total– that AMB solids are offered in the current assortment.  With 62 gorgeous colors to choose from- including brights, pastels, jewel-tones, and neutrals- you could use various color combinations to create an entirely different-looking quilt following the ‘Summer Cabin’ quilt pattern in Easy Quilts Summer 2015 edition!  The possibilities are almost as endless as summer! :)

Be sure to head to your local quilt shop (find a shop here) to pick up some scrumptious American Made Brand solid fabric and take home a copy of Easy Quilts Summer 2015 to make your very own ‘Summer Cabin’ quilt!

easy quilts summer mag


Happy Sewing!


Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate with American Made Brand!

AMB Booth 1

Happy Fourth of July!  Show your support for the USA by shopping for American Made Brand solid fabrics– the basic solid fabric line released by Clothworks that is grown, processed, woven, dyed, finished, and cut & rolled onto bolts right here in the United States of America!  It’s Independence Day, and what better way to show your pride by shopping at  your Local Quilt Shop for American Made Brand solid fabric!

You may remember seeing the pictures (such as the one above) of the Clothworks Booth featuring American Made Brand solids at this most recent Quilt Market in May from an earlier blog post.  The booth was brimming full of beautiful new quilt designs featuring the talented work by independent designers with these fresh quilt designs!  My favorite new quilt pattern which debuted at this past spring’s market featuring American Made Brand fabrics was the stunning interpretation of the American Flag– by Avis Shirer, who is one half of the design duo of Joined at the Hip pattern company.

flying highInterested in stitching your very own version of Old Glory?  Head to Joined at the Hip to purchase this quilt pattern entitled ‘Flying High’.  What would Betsy Ross think?!! :)


And speaking of AMB

There is still plenty of time to enter into the Tiny Quilt Challenge using American Made Brand solids!


Head to this link to read all the contest details.  Entries are due by September 15th, 2015.  If you’re looking for something to do during this long holiday weekend- perhaps a date with the sewing machine inside the cool confines of your sewing nook, might be the best route to get the creative juices flowing!

Happy 4th!  Stay Safe, Keep Cool, and Shop American Made Brand solids!

Goat Update: Job Well Done!

goat and water bucket

Our goat friends from Amazin’ Grazers Urban Goat Rental have completed their work last week!  Nearly all of the overgrowth in the backyard at the Clothworks Headquarters has been cleared away by these amazing creatures who had quite an appetite!!  It seemed like our goat friends did not want to stop eating.  Now came the most challenging task– herding the goats back into their truck!

Adrienne and Goat

With treats to coax the goats , Adrienne of Amazin’ Grazers devised a genius plan with the assistance of some of the Clothworks staff to help lure the goats one by one back to their truck.  A holding pen helped keep the goats from running up the new found rocky ridge in our backyard.

Goat Wranglin'

Marvin, a member of the esteemed Clothworks warehouse crew, became the ‘Goat Doorman’, while Debbie, Clothworks shipper extraordinaire, donned her new title, ‘Goat Wrangler’.

Goat with carrot

Debbie attempts to use a carrot to wrangle this little fellow, but I think he must have eaten too many plants in the backyard as he appears to react with indifference.  Adrienne attempts to wrangle the other little fellow playing a game of hide-n-seek in our new found shed.

Debbie and 2 goats

That Debbie has quite the goat wrangling skills!!  Look at her lead two of them at once!  She must be a ‘Goat Whisperer’!

dragging goat

Adrienne did not have as much luck as Debbie.  I think this fellow had so much fun feasting on the brambles in the backyard, he did not want to leave!

Goats getting on the truck

Eventually, all goats were led back to the truck!

Time to ‘goat’ bye-bye!

We at Clothworks thoroughly enjoyed having Adrienne and the goats from Amazin’ Grazers take care of business in our backyard!!

Here are some pictures of the yard taken at different stages to show you the progress of the goats:

Backyard Jungle1

It started out like this…..

Goats go up the hill

Friday Morning




Now we look forward to enjoying our new backyard during the summer!

Clothworks Sponsors Award-winning Quilt at Shipshewana Quilt Fest!


Clothworks made an appearance at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival this past week, as well as sponsored an award in the quilt show.  Shown above is a photo taken during the Awards Ceremony with 1st Place Winner in the category Pieced, Large Quilt— winner Barbara Perrin.  She’s standing in front of her stunning quilt entitled, ” My Mrs. Billings Quilt”, along with Clothworks President, Ted Hoffman.  Although the visit to Shipshewana, Indiana to connect with the quilting community was a brief one for Ted, it was nice to meet some quilting folks and talk to them about Clothworks and our brands.  Shipshewana was a lovely place to visit, set in beautiful Amish country with horse drawn buggies and iconic red barns dotting the bucolic landscape!  Thanks to all who came out to the festival- Clothworks appreciates your interest in our company and was pleased to meet you all!

Amish Buggy

Indiana Barn


Dazzling Wall-hanging Captures Seattle ‘Sea’-nic in Shop Hop Fabric!


Our friend Barbara of Enchanted Valley Arts has done it again!  Each year when the new Western Washington Shop Hop fabrics are designed exclusively by Clothworks and fellow Seattle fabric wholesale company, In The Beginning, Barbara designs an entirely unique scenic-inspired appliqued wall-hanging incorporating the Shop Hop fabrics.  This year’s wall-hanging is called ‘Another Point of View’ and is no exception to showcasing her creative and artistic way of interpreting the landscapes of Western Washington state, be it on land…or under the sea!  I’m absolutely adoring her ode to the sea creatures found in the waters around the Washington State coastal areas– the jellyfish, crab, and tentacle of an octopus!  But what I really love is how Barbara had the ingenuity to fussy-cut the chrysanthemum flowers found in the fabric released by Clothworks for Shop Hop and use those as sea anemones in her piece!!


But wait….Barbara takes this wall-hanging piece a step further and has further enhanced the appliques of the sea creatures, such as Mr. Crab, and has developed some shading techniques to add shadow and texture for a more realistic, three dimensional look!  In fact, she’s even filmed 2 video tutorials on YouTube illustrating these techniques using the 2 different forms of media:  Tsukineko Inks and Crayola Crayons.  Click on each graphic below to view her YouTube video tutorials— her work is amazing and she is a fabulous art instructor!



Head to Barbara’s website for Enchanted Valley Arts to order a pattern to make your very own ‘Another Point of View’ wall-hanging.  Stick around to admire the other beautiful patterns and artwork, as well!

And enjoy the rest of the Western Washington Shop Hop— which runs through this Sunday June 27th, 2015!  Keep cool and safe travels!

Western Washington Shop Hop: Project Preview

3ba3623cb7fe0668dbf360f306c5813a_kz53Not only does end of June signal the official start of Summer, but it’s also the time when a frenzy of quilters and fabric lovers travel up & down the I-5 Corridor here in western Washington state to visit all of the LQS’s (local quilt shops) participating in the Western Washington Shop Hop.  Clothworks, as well as another wholesale fabric company based in Seattle, In The Beginning Fabrics, team up to design and produce the official fabrics used in the Western Washington Shop Hop each year.  Each of the participating LQS’s contribute a quilt block featuring their own design using these official Shop Hop fabrics.  As you can see in the picture above- all of the quilt blocks from each shop piece together to create a beautiful quilt!  Shop Hop attendees carry their ‘passports’ to each shop they want to visit, have them stamped, and pick up a quilt block kit as their ‘souvenir’.  Kicking off tomorrow– Wednesday, June 24th through Sunday June, 28th, the Western Washington Shop Hop is a fantastic way for the local quilt shops to promote themselves, build a sense of community, and have lots of fun!  It might be a mad dash to visit all the shops- but each store runs a different special to entice Shop Hop attendees to visit them.

One such local shop, Quiltworks Northwest, based in Bellevue, WA, will be featuring the designs of talented local Seattle designer, Cheryl Kuczek of Paradiso Designs.  Cheryl is the queen of making beautiful bags, purses, clutches, as well as gorgeous clothing patterns!  You’ll often find her around town at the local quilt shops or in her studio in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, teaching her sewing classes to adults and children alike.  With her spunky attitude and inventive sewing techniques, she has won herself a following of devoted sewists.  Quiltworks Northwest is proud to showcase 3 bag designs by Paradiso Designs– exclusive to 2015 Western Washington Shop Hop.

3 Bags picIntroducing the Paradiso Pouch Trio!

A collaboration of Paradiso Designs with Quiltworks Northwest

Paradiso Pouch Trio True Facts:

-This Paradiso Pattern will be available exclusively through Quiltworks Northwest for Shop Hop 2015.

The Pouch Trio comes in three sizes Bigen, Midlen, & Little.

Bigen is convertible as a cross-body handbag, wristlet clutch,  or a belt pouch.

Bigen Bag

The Bigen Bag

Midlen & Little can be wristlets on their own or attached together on the cross-body or wristlet strap.

Midlen Bag Collage

The Midlen Bag- notice the pleather strap and hardware!

Little Bag

The Little Bag

-By the way…….the Trio looks dandy in the Western Washington Shop Hop Fabric for 2015.  The fabric will be available starting tomorrow- Wednesday June 24th at Quiltworks Northwest!

Fabrics & Zippers

Western Washington Shop Hop Fabrics with coordinating zippers for the bags!

-The Paradiso Pouch Trio looks great as pictured or use scraps to create your very own unique fabric for our very own Paradiso Pouch!!

scrappy bag

The Bigen Bag shown here in scrappy patchwork fabrics gives it an eclectic look!

For more information about Western Washington Shop Hop- visit this link!

To keep current with and see other beautiful patterns and designs by Cheryl Kuczek of Paradiso Designs- visit this link!

For more info on Quiltworks Northwest- visit this link!

Have a safe and fun Western Washington Shop Hop to all!