The Quilt Market Story Told in Quilts!

The Clothworks Team is all back and recovered from the craziness and fun that is Quilt Market!  If you aren’t familiar with this most famous of quilting events, it is the twice-a-year trade show for the quilting industry.  All of the pattern, fabric, and notion companies have their latest and greatest goodies on display, and the quilt shop owners and fabric buyers eagerly scramble about ordering fabulous finds for their shops back home.  It is three days of pure excitement and visual overload–to say you come home from market with a few ideas and a little tired is a major understatement!  I remember my first market like it was yesterday–there were so many beautiful quilts, quilting celebrities, and to-die-for fabrics that I almost passed out right there in the aisle!  If you’re not a quilt shop owner or buyer of some sort you’ll have to take my word for it, but for now here are some some photos of our lovely booth with quilts from some of our latest collections…




We had several of our designers next to our booth, check them out!  Here is Pam Mostek’s booth with two quilts–on the left is Piccadilly and on the right is Poppies.


…and here is the Kinkame booth featuring projects from European Taupe III.


…and here are some photos from quilts featured at quilt market.  Here is Woodland Friends by Ellen Crimi-Trent:

Woodland Friends

…and Folk Dance by Christine Graf:

Folk Dance

…and Cherie by Masha D’yans:


…and that’s all for now until Spring market in Minneapolis, MN!  We better get back to work on the next batch of exciting new fabrics!  Happy Quilting!

We'll share our projects if you'll share yours.

Many of us at Clothworks are quilters, sewers, and people who love to create.  Our favorite thing to do in the office is OOH and AHH over the projects that we bring in for show and tell.  We’d like to continue that tradition on our blog!  As you may have read on our “Calling All Fabric Lovers” post, we’re asking for people to send in their projects made with Clothworks fabrics. Here are some beautifully made projects from Kumiko Maeda and Reiko Kato of our NEW prints and yarn dyes from Kinkame.

Kinkame Projects

Kinkame Projects

And here’s a project that September (our lovely graphic designer and partner in blogging crime) did for her son, Huckleberry, with Anne Ormsby’s Hole in One fabrics.

Hole In One Fabric

September and I are both new moms, so we’ll be posting pics of cute projects we’ve made for our little ones every so often. I am still working on the binding of my baby Oliver’s first quilt with fabrics from Rribbet and By the Sea.  Check out the work in progress…

Quilt for Oliver

Quilt for Oliver

So share with us, and be rewarded!!  Each month the best project winner will get a special prize!!  Yeah, you guessed it–our AWESOME fabric!!  On November 2 we will announce the winner for October, and they will win a fat quarter pack of the full line of Cherie by Masha D’yans.

How to make perfect flying geese!

Here is a sure fire way to make perfectly pointed flying geese.  Follow these simple steps and you’ll be flying high!

To make one –  1″  x 2″  finished Goose you will need:

Two – 1.5″ squares of fabric A

One – 1.5″ x 2.5″ of fabric B

Step 1: Bring the two ends of fabric B together print side out.

step1 Flying Geese

Step 2: Place a 1.5″ fabric A square on each side of fabric B (right sides together) so that all four edges are perfectly aligned on top.

step2 Flying Geese

Step 3: Sew a 1/4″ seem down one side.

step3 Flying Geese

Step 4: Open and press triangle flat.  Match the open end of the triangle to the long edge of fabric B.

step4.1 Flying Geesestep4.2 Flying Geesestep4.3 Flying Geese

And there you have it. A perfect point every time.

Calling all FABRIC LOVERS!!

Hello FABRIC LOVERS!!  We are so excited to finally have a way to reach out to you, and can’t wait to share!  This blog will be dedicated to giving you the latest and greatest fabric previews, patterns, tools and tricks of the trade, and so much more!  We hope to be a great resource for our quilting-obsessed, fabriholic, and otherwise creative-minded friends out there.  So come and share, and we will share with you!


Adorable Sleepyheads Onesie!

We’d like to start off by asking you to send us pictures of your projects created with Clothworks fabrics.  We would love to see what you have created and allow you a place to share with others!  Send your project photos to, and each month we will post the best project for that month and send the winner a LOVELY PRIZE!!  Oh, you won’t be disappointed either!  The first prize will be a simply adorable fat quarter pack of the full line of Cherie fabrics by Masha D’yans.  The winner will be announced the first business day of each month.  Share now!!

PS–Are you on Facebook or Twitter?  Become a fan and follow us to get the latest updates, share, and see what other Clothworks fans are doing!

Dashing New Fabrics!

Our Fancy Sales BoardsIt’s always exciting when I gear up to send out our emails each month about the latest and greatest collections, and now I get to blog about them too!!  We’ve got some real beauties this month; can’t wait to get my fingers on them…

To see all of the new collections, click here.  New collections just sent out to shops for preordering  include European Taupe III (January 2010), Birds and Berries (May 2010), Tis the Season (May 2010), America (April 2010), Beachcomber (April 2010),  Bird Talk (April 2010) and June’s Backyard (April 2010).

What’s your favorite?  It’s hard for me to decide, but I just loooove June’s Backyard–I love how it has those fresh colors but with a vintage look.  And check out America–I think this is a first for me actually liking a patriotic collection.  I mean, I love our country–of course–but usually the patriotic collections I see around always look so cheesy.  I love the cool stamp print and the free pattern–oh yeah, this one is on my list of must-makes for next summer!


And who doesn’t love the beach?  Barb’s Beachcomber collection just brings back memories for me of family vacations to Cannon Beach, OR–anyone ever been there?  Cool place!!

Beachcomber by Barb Tourtillotte

If you like staying up-to-date with our new collections, sign up for our mailing list.  Or check back next month–I’ll be filling you in with the newest stuff each month!