Dashing New Fabrics!

Our Fancy Sales BoardsIt’s always exciting when I gear up to send out our emails each month about the latest and greatest collections, and now I get to blog about them too!!  We’ve got some real beauties this month; can’t wait to get my fingers on them…

To see all of the new collections, click here.  New collections just sent out to shops for preordering  include European Taupe III (January 2010), Birds and Berries (May 2010), Tis the Season (May 2010), America (April 2010), Beachcomber (April 2010),  Bird Talk (April 2010) and June’s Backyard (April 2010).

What’s your favorite?  It’s hard for me to decide, but I just loooove June’s Backyard–I love how it has those fresh colors but with a vintage look.  And check out America–I think this is a first for me actually liking a patriotic collection.  I mean, I love our country–of course–but usually the patriotic collections I see around always look so cheesy.  I love the cool stamp print and the free pattern–oh yeah, this one is on my list of must-makes for next summer!


And who doesn’t love the beach?  Barb’s Beachcomber collection just brings back memories for me of family vacations to Cannon Beach, OR–anyone ever been there?  Cool place!!

Beachcomber by Barb Tourtillotte

If you like staying up-to-date with our new collections, sign up for our mailing list.  Or check back next month–I’ll be filling you in with the newest stuff each month!

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