We'll share our projects if you'll share yours.

Many of us at Clothworks are quilters, sewers, and people who love to create.  Our favorite thing to do in the office is OOH and AHH over the projects that we bring in for show and tell.  We’d like to continue that tradition on our blog!  As you may have read on our “Calling All Fabric Lovers” post, we’re asking for people to send in their projects made with Clothworks fabrics. Here are some beautifully made projects from Kumiko Maeda and Reiko Kato of our NEW prints and yarn dyes from Kinkame.

Kinkame Projects

Kinkame Projects

And here’s a project that September (our lovely graphic designer and partner in blogging crime) did for her son, Huckleberry, with Anne Ormsby’s Hole in One fabrics.

Hole In One Fabric

September and I are both new moms, so we’ll be posting pics of cute projects we’ve made for our little ones every so often. I am still working on the binding of my baby Oliver’s first quilt with fabrics from Rribbet and By the Sea.  Check out the work in progress…

Quilt for Oliver

Quilt for Oliver

So share with us, and be rewarded!!  Each month the best project winner will get a special prize!!  Yeah, you guessed it–our AWESOME fabric!!  On November 2 we will announce the winner for October, and they will win a fat quarter pack of the full line of Cherie by Masha D’yans.

4 thoughts on “We'll share our projects if you'll share yours.

  1. Oh my goodness – these are all so wonderful. The Kinkame line is beautiful. I love the colors…they’re so peaceful and calming.
    Huckleberry looks GOOD and Oliver’s quilt is so bright and cheerful!

    I don’t have much time for creating these days but it certainly isn’t for lack of inspiration!!

  2. Uh-oh! I need to HUG someone! What a sweet little person!
    Everything you’ve posted that you’ve made is beautiful!!! I love the hand stitching in the 1st photos. But…I’m a “crazy” quilter first and foremost anyway so my eyes were drawn to the embroidery stitches.

  3. Great blog post! Not only do we get a cute adorable baby dressed in cute hand made clothing featuring fun CW fabrics, we get all these fun Quilts, all in one post.
    Congrats to the new moms!!!!!!

    Love the Kinkame projects also, just gorgeous!

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