The Quilt Market Story Told in Quilts!

The Clothworks Team is all back and recovered from the craziness and fun that is Quilt Market!  If you aren’t familiar with this most famous of quilting events, it is the twice-a-year trade show for the quilting industry.  All of the pattern, fabric, and notion companies have their latest and greatest goodies on display, and the quilt shop owners and fabric buyers eagerly scramble about ordering fabulous finds for their shops back home.  It is three days of pure excitement and visual overload–to say you come home from market with a few ideas and a little tired is a major understatement!  I remember my first market like it was yesterday–there were so many beautiful quilts, quilting celebrities, and to-die-for fabrics that I almost passed out right there in the aisle!  If you’re not a quilt shop owner or buyer of some sort you’ll have to take my word for it, but for now here are some some photos of our lovely booth with quilts from some of our latest collections…




We had several of our designers next to our booth, check them out!  Here is Pam Mostek’s booth with two quilts–on the left is Piccadilly and on the right is Poppies.


…and here is the Kinkame booth featuring projects from European Taupe III.


…and here are some photos from quilts featured at quilt market.  Here is Woodland Friends by Ellen Crimi-Trent:

Woodland Friends

…and Folk Dance by Christine Graf:

Folk Dance

…and Cherie by Masha D’yans:


…and that’s all for now until Spring market in Minneapolis, MN!  We better get back to work on the next batch of exciting new fabrics!  Happy Quilting!

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