Joyce the Bag Lady!

Many of us at Clothworks are sewers, creative-types, and yes–quilters!!  Here is a fun Q & A I did with my friend and coworker, Joyce.  She is our Design Coordinator at Clothworks and is quite the sewer!!  She’s always coming up with all kinds of adorable bags and purses, so she has earned the name “Joyce the Bag Lady”.


Brandi: How did you get started out in sewing?

Joyce: Started when I was 11.  Growing up, I mostly had hand-me-downs from my sister.  So when the elementary school I attended had a sort of elective class offering, I signed up for the sewing class.  They taught us basics, and we created a very simple project…I think it was a skirt.  My mom taught me a few more basics and helped me get through several projects.  And I did a lot of experimental sewing.


Brandi: What inspires you to create?

Joyce: Fabric inspires me, patterns inspire me, talking to people and their ideas inspires me, walking through boutique stores inspires me.  There are so many things that inspire me.  If I love it, ideas start to pop into my head.


Brandi: Are bags your favorite thing to sew, and why?

Joyce: Right now bags are my favorite things to sew.  With quilting there is a lot of time spent finding all the right fabrics for the project, cutting and piecing together and then finally quilting.  With clothing there is a lot of preparation in fitting the muslin, adjusting the pattern, etc.    That all takes time.  Lots of time.  Bags are quick, mostly easy and they make great gifts.  And a girl can never have too many!


Brandi: Tell us a little bit about your career path with Clothworks.

Joyce: Clothworks used to be Fabric Sales Co. and that is where I started, in the office.  I was there 9 years and then left to work for another company but came back to Fabric Sales a year later as a sales rep.  That was a challenge!  Trying to stay awake while driving long distances.  And then getting to my destination and having to lug huge bags (this was before suitcases w/wheels that actually worked) of fabrics and notions into the stores.  That lasted less than a year.  I took another hiatus from the company to do my own thing (open a fabric store and have children) but came back to help out at Quilt Market, or to help at the local fabric shows when needed.  Once again, in 2004, I returned to Clothworks.  I have been working on the design team and I love it!

joyce_6Are you passionate about bags, quilts, or some other type of textile fun?  Tell us about it!!  Comment on this post and tell us about your passion, and get entered to win your choice of any of the bags photographed in this post!  Winner will be announced November 11th.

5 thoughts on “Joyce the Bag Lady!

  1. Joyce I did not know all this about you, love it. What a sweet photo of you and
    such great fun colorful bags . One of my favorite passions is designing fabric collections for for Clothworks! That was easy !

  2. I enjoyed reading this and the pictures were great. I agree with Joyce; you can never have too many bags! Brandi, this blog really personalizes my relationship with Clothworks and the links to the designers are great. My customers at the Portland Saturday Market love it when I can give them background information on the fabric.
    I have a lot of passion centered around fabric…I’ve quilted close to 40 years and have loved watching the fabric designs go from calico to anything goes. At this time in my life, though, I’m having so much fun making and selling my overalls (with your great fabrics) it would qualify as my number 1 passion!

  3. Wow, what a great feature – I’m glad I saw your tweet! I am definitely passionate about fabric! I love bags – can’t have enough of them – but I especially LOVE quilting! Combining the two is just heaven to me – that’s what caught my eye in this post: the piecing and craftwomanship of the bags is just divine. I’d love to win & is I did, I choose the over-the-shoulder messenger bag – the colors are right up my alley! I’m so glad I started following you on Twitter!

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