Too Hot to Handle–Easy Holiday Gift #2

We’re going hotpad crazy here around the office!  Check out these fun hotpads we’ve been making for holiday gifts.  They’re quick, easy, and super cute–our ideal holiday gift project!

DSC_5810DSC_5773DSC_5780DSC_5787The hotpads on the left and right were made by our wonderfully talented Sample Room Assistant, Leslie.  The hotpad in the center was made by Susan, one of Leslie’s many sewing students in the office.  Susan is one of our fabulous Customer Service Representatives.  Thanks for sharing and passing along your fantastic sewing secrets, Leslie!

Stay tuned for instructions to a similar, super quick and easy coaster pattern this week, and Happy Quilting!

8 thoughts on “Too Hot to Handle–Easy Holiday Gift #2

  1. Leslie’s creations are what inspired me to learn to quilt! I’m making a year’s worth of those pot holders/trivets for my husband’s grandma for Christmas– one for each season and holiday. 🙂

  2. These are so fun! I was looking for a project to do with friends one evening before Christmas. This is the perfect thing. Only one problem… It’s going to be hard to give them away. I think I’ll want to keep them all!

  3. I think that these hot pads are so cute. Could you send me instructions on how to make them? This was done by a very talented lady.

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