Fill 'er up! – Easy Holiday gift #5


I LOVE to organize. I don’t like doing the dishes, folding the laundry or dusting. But organizing I can handle. I’ll organize anything and everything that comes into my house two or three times over. So when I saw this cute door organizer in the winter 2009-2010 international quilt festival magazine I had to have it for the nursery.  Here is mine made from our Sun Kissed collection by Diane Knott due out to shops in March.

I love it!

Although it states that it’s for your door, I tied mine onto the front of Huckleberry’s crib to hold his night time books and some other things that we are learning to play with. This design from Susan Brubaker Knapp is sure to be a cute and quick (1-2 hours) gift for anyone on your list.


4 thoughts on “Fill 'er up! – Easy Holiday gift #5

  1. Aw, how adorable is this!!! THANK YOU!!! And I think Susan Brubaker Knapp is one of my daughter, Holly’s website clients! How sweet! This was such a nice surprise to find here today!!!

    And what could be nicer than a Beatrix Potter book inside the holder! She is absolutely one of my favorites. If you haven’t seen “Miss Potter”, you MUST! It is the most wonderful movie! We artists can relate! 😉

    Joyce, this is the collection YOU chose from my portfolio! Thank you! It is one of my favorites so far! I can’t wait to get my samples to make something from it too!!

    Blessings and thank you for making such a sweet project from my designs!

    Hugs! Diane (The lady who paints the designs that turn into fabric! Could anything be better for a job? I don’t think so!)

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