Easy Holiday Gift #7- Super Quick & Cute Coasters!

I was laying in bed last night going through my holiday gift list in my head and remembered 2 more people I need a little something for.  AHH!  I bet many of you are in the same situation, so I have a quick solution for you!

My coworker, Desiree in the Accounting Department, worked on this project with her children and brought these in for show and tell.   They were made by Tessa (age 13), Gillian (age 9), and Jacob (age 7).  They are super easy and quick.  I became so addicted to these little coasters that not only have I made them for every single person I know, I had to make some for basically every room in my house…


Unfortunately in all of our holiday craziness at the office, we ran out of time to photograph the steps to this project, so I will try to explain the instructions as best I can.  I hope these instructions make sense; if they don’t email me at brandi@clothworkstextiles.com and I’ll set you straight!

INSTRUCTIONS for one coaster (multiply cutting instructions by 4 to make a 4 piece set of coasters)


Six- 5″ squares of fabrics (select contrasting fabrics if you like to add interest)

One- 5″ square of batting


-Select the four fabric squares you want on the top of the coaster, and press each one in half with right sides facing out.  These will now be referred to as “rectangles”.  Set the rectangles aside.


-Place one fabric square right side down (wrong side facing you) in front of you.  Place your batting square on top of that, and then another fabric square (this one will become the bottom of the coaster) on top of the batting with the right side facing you.  Take your rectangles, and place one on the bottom of the square, raw edges out.  Place the next rectangle on the left side of the square (and over the previous rectangle), raw edges out.   Place the next one on the top of the square (and over the previous rectangle), raw edges out.  Do the same for the last rectangle, this time tucking the end underneath the first rectangle.

-Make sure everything is lined up and using a scant 1/4″, sew all the way around the edges in a complete square, and backstitch.  Turn inside out and press.

Email me if you have questions, and have fun putting the finishing touches on your holiday.  Happy Quilting!

One thought on “Easy Holiday Gift #7- Super Quick & Cute Coasters!

  1. Too much fun! I’m so excited to find this web site. Thank you Clothworks for sending me an email. Love Laurel Burch designs, can’t wait to see everything she did before leaving us.

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