Cozy Elephant Quilt!

A week ago I was so excited for spring, and felt it’s presence all around me as the sun shone and little blades of baby grass seemed to creep up everywhere.  My chickens were out frolicking and sunning themselves, and I began to thumb through my seed catalogs and dream of my garden.

Then I woke up today to a full on blizzard!  It looks like winter is back and here to stay for awhile.  I am not going to get too down, though.  I am going to throw on a couple layers of quilts, drink my coffee, and get cozy.  Spring can wait while I enjoy my little winter wonderland.

If you need a nice cozy quilt to keep you warm until spring, check out this Jungle Soul Flannel quilt in the February/March 2010 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts.  Cathy Conley and Joann Kliewer from Bear Paw Quilting are the designers of this fun quilt.  Bear Paw Quilting is the kit source for this quilt, so contact them to order your kit now, and cozy up!


I hope to be blogging about some spring projects soon…for now I am embracing winter under my layers of quilts!  Happy Quilting!

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