Rainy days can be fun…or at least fashionable!

It rains a whole lot here in Seattle, so when we started carrying the European Taupe Laminate from Kinkame, we were really excited to try out a rain jacket pattern!  Check out this adorable pattern from Oliver + S with our European Taupe Laminate.DSC_8879(2)

Even more adorable is our little model!  Her name is Reegan and she is 5 years old, the daughter of our super fabulous gal in shipping, Debbie!


If you like the pattern and want to give it a try, check out Oliver + S to buy the pattern.

OliverandSRainCoatHave a Happy Friday, and Happy Quilting!

New Collection Winners!!

Congratulations to the winners from our new collection blog post!  We selected 2 winners using a random number generator, and Crystal and Shady are our winners!  They will win their choice of fat quarters from their favorite Clothworks collection, old or new.

Both of our winners commented that Avalon was their favorite new collection.


We look forward to seeing what you gals create with your new fabric!  Stay tuned for our next new collection preview in March.  For now, Happy Quilting!

Welcome New Clothworks Designer: Kathy York

Chances are if you read Quilting Arts magazine, or follow the rising stars of the modern art quilt world today, you will have come across the bold and stunning work of Kathy York.  I remember coming across Kathy’s Little Fish in a Big City quilt (below) awhile back and just having my breath taken away.  I had never seen anything like it, combining the 3D element, intricate quilting, and gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics all into one simple indescribably amazing work of art.  I fell in love with it!  When I heard that Kathy was going to design fabric for us, I was thrilled.  Her fabric is truly unique and unlike anything you will be able to find anywhere else.

York_LittleFish_3DJI hadn’t noticed this before, but look at all the amazing detail–the little people riding the backs of the fish!


Now that I am making a habit of getting to know all of our new artists better, I am pleased to share with you some Q & A that I did with Kathy, with some interesting answers!

Brandi: What inspires your artwork?

Kathy: Many things inspire me.  Often it could be as simple as a found object that has an interesting shape.  At other times I may get a mental picture of some life event that begs to be created, often in a humorous or whimsical portrait.  Sometimes, learning a new technique will lead to new ideas.  Fiber arts take a lot of time to create, so there is plenty of opportunity to think and gain insights which express themselves in the layers of the work.


Brandi: What is your creative process?

Kathy: I usually decide on an image that I want to create before I start.  Sometimes, I have no idea what techniques to use to produce the image in my head, so I will experiment with small samples.  I rarely have all the answers before I start.  But I like that aspect because it keeps the art alive.  I am faced with new decisions throughout the entire process of it’s creation.   At other times, I might start playing with patterns or colors.  I frequently use a digital camera to take pictures along the way, especially when I am making design decisions.  I will rearrange the pieces of a composition numerous times and then compare the photos to decide which one I really want to make.  Technology has enabled a faster growth curve for my art.


Brandi: How did the artist in you evolve?

Kathy: I decided to stop working when I had my first child.  Somehow in the act of caring for this beautiful and engaging infant, my heart expanded.  Life looked differently to me and my pace slowed down.   I developed a need to express myself, first through scrapbooking, and then quilting.  Eventually the quilting led to more self expression in art quilting.  I found an art quilting bee that nurtured me and I took a few classes.  I started becoming more prolific after the children started school and I wanted to share the inspiration by showing my work to others.

Brandi: Describe your creative space or studio?

Kathy: I have been slowly taking over my entire house!  I have one living area that I use for my sewing studio.  It has two sewing machines set up all the time, along with ironing boards.  I also have a cutting table, a number of large portable design walls, many storage shelves, a couch and a computer area.  Last summer I took over half the garage for my batik studio.  I have also confiscated the children’s zip line in the back yard for dyeing and rinsing fabric yardage.


Brandi: What is your favorite color, food, place, song, artist, season, and animal?

Kathy: My favorite color is aqua, but it has to be a bright aqua, surrounded by other lovely bright colors.  I am not sure if I have a favorite food, so many come to mind, enchiladas, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, avocados and grapefruits, cheese with any fruit, the list goes on.  My favorite places include quiet natural spaces like cliffs, hiking in Yosemite, or underwater at a coral reef.  I love too many artists to single any one out, I typically favor contemporary styles in fine art, kinetic sculptures, fiber, installations, glass, and architecture.  But, my first inspiration was Van Gogh.  Favorite season is easy, I love the spring.  I also do not have a favorite song, but have fallen in love with my ipod.  So many wonderful artists to sample! My favorite genres include rock, pop, and alternative.  I also love movies.  I watch a lot of movies while quilting.  My favorite movie is one that involves character development and makes me laugh and cry.  It needs to tell a good story.  I love foreign films too, but find it hard to read the subtitles while sewing, that has to be saved for special occasions when I am not working.  You asked about favorite animal?  For now, it is the Four Flying Cat Boys, a litter of kittens we rescued that are almost 2 years old now.

QA-TVKathy has been featured on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine 3 times, as well as on the Quilting Arts TV program.  Be sure to check out this blog entry that Pokey of Quilting Arts did with Kathy earlier this month here.  You can also keep up with Kathy’s latest happenings on her blog here.

Kathy’s first collection with us comes out in June 2010, and is called Urban Landscapes.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


I hope you are as inspired as I am by Kathy’s beautiful art quilts and fabrics.  So take that inspiration and go create something.  Bye for now, and Happy Quilting!!

So many gorgeous new collections!!!

Be prepared to be “WOWED”, because the latest batch of new collections is up on the web, and they are simply dazzling!!  September took some wonderful photos of our sales boards and strike offs, so sit back, relax, and take in the latest beauties from the fabulous Clothworks designers!

Here is Twelve Days of Christmas by Sharyn Sowell, delivering to quilt shops near you June 2010.  I LOVE IT!  Did you know that Sharyn is a paper artist, and she cuts all of these delicate designs out of paper with little tiny scissors?  Let me tell you, she is one talented lady.  She is also a very gifted photographer and has a beautiful way with words–check out her blog for some great inspiration!12-Days-of-Xmas


Here is another one by Sharyn called Into the Woods.  What a great collection to make a guy quilt!  Isn’t it impossible to find good fabrics for guy quilts that aren’t too girly, yet sophisticated enough to make a beautiful quilt that looks gorgeous in your home?  This collection is both elegant and beautiful.


Into-the-Woods-B1Next is a new artist to Clothworks, the award-winning art quilter Kathy York!  Her debut collection with Clothworks is Urban Landscapes which is inspired by her own hand-dyed fabrics.  Stay tuned for an interview and photos later next week when I introduce this extraordinary artist!  Urban Landscapes comes out June 2010.  In the mean time, catch up with Kathy on her blog!!


Urban-Landscapes-B1Now for some fun in the sun with Happy Camper Too by Richard Neuman.  The first Happy Camper was such a huge hit, and I love this newer version even better!  Aren’t the little fireflies adorable?!!  This one comes out in June 2010.


Happy camper Too

This next one is also by Richard Neuman, and it’s called Diggers and Dozers.  It comes out July 2010, just in time for my little one’s first birthday!!  I think I’ll have to make something super adorable for him–maybe a little baby baseball cap, pants, and a basic quilt using the panel to throw out on the grass for him to play on?

Diggers and Dozers B1

And here is the lovely Avalon by the lovely Pamela Mostek!  What heavenly colors!  I can think of endless possibilities for this one…starting with a new tote bag!  Mmm…and maybe a new quilt for my bed for a change–all the quilts I’ve made lately seem to be for other people!!  Avalon delivers to quilt shops in July 2010.


AvalonB1Last, but certainly not least, is Toy Poodle by our Japanese distributor Kinkame.  Ok, seriously have you ever seen anything cuter?  I just adore the little kitty faces and duckies!  SO SO SO CUTE!  This fun one will be delivering to quilt shops in April 2010.



That’s all for now my fellow fabric lovers!  Comment and tell us what your favorite new collection is and why, and we’ll select 2 lucky winners to receive fat quarters of their collection of choice–old or new!!  The winner will be announced next week on Wednesday 2/24/10.


Juliana-Baby-SetOur friends at Kwik Sew sent me this photo of one of their super cute baby dress patterns in our fabrics.  Click here to check out the pattern on their website.  The dress is in Juliana by Sue Zipkin (trim and bloomers are from RJR fabrics).  Isn’t this adorable??  Ohh, it makes me hope the next baby is a girl…there are so many darn cute patterns for little girls!!

In the Magazines!

Kinkame-Fons-and-PorterCheck out the breathtaking piecing and beautifully detailed hand quilting!  This quilt is featured in the May/June 2010 issue of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting.  The designer is award-winning quilter Kumiko Maeda.  The fabrics used are from Kinkame’s European Taupe collection.  The kit will be available soon at www.shopfonsandporter.com.

Piccadilly-Fons-and-PorterSimply stylish, here is Pamela Mostek’s quilt using her own line of fabric, Piccadilly.  You can find this quilt in the Spring 2010 issue of Easy Quilts.  The fabric kit is available for purchase here.

Millies-EQGet ready for spring with this beauty from Joined at the Hip using their fabric line Millie’s Garden.  This quilt is featured in the Spring 2010 Easy Quilts.  The kit will be available soon at www.shopfonsandporter.com.

Sweet-Rose-Quick-QuiltsHere’s a sweet one just in time for Valentine’s Day!  This is a quilt designed with the Sweet Rose collection from Skipping Stones Studios by Anita Peluso.  The quilt is featured in the Spring 2010 Quick Quilts from Quilt Magazine. The kit can be found at Bear Paw Quilting.


Don’t you love color options?  It’s amazing what a different choice of fabrics can do for a quilt design!  Here is Christine Graf’s Folk Dance collection in the April 2010 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.

Well that’s all for now–Happy Quilting and quilt magazine reading!!

A very sweet project


A cute idea for valentines day comes in the form of the Little Retro Aprons for Kids pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates. We used the ever popular Masha D’yans Cherie fabric collection, which we have available…barely.



The pattern also includes these mini versions of the apron for an 18″ doll or an animal that size.

So cute!

Cherie Valentine Flowers

Look for Masha D’yans second line of fabric coming out this October and tune in to our blog for a sneek peek in the coming weeks.

If you don’t hear from me before, Have a great weekend!

– September

January Project of the Month Winner!

P1150069Congratulations to Ricki from Ocean Shores, WA for winning our January Project of the Month!  Ricki sent us this picture of an adorable skirt she made for her daughter using fabrics from Sue Zipkin’s Juliana collection.  The pattern is from Pink Fig Patterns, and can be purchased online at Sew, Mama, Sew! here.

As a prize, Ricki will receive her choice of one of our free pattern kits.  If you’d like your special Clothworks creation to be considered for our February Project of the Month, send us your project photos now to blog@clothworkstextiles.com.