More NEW Collections and a Fat Quarter Giveaway…YAY!

Is there anything more exciting than new fabric?  Uh, no!  Check out the latest batch…

First up is Funky Kitchen by Barb Tourtillotte…I love it!  My kitchen is in desperate need of some spicing up–perfect timing!  I see some curtain and table runner projects in my future…

Funky-KitchenAnd check out the super cool free pattern, inspired by a vintage kitchen apron.  Look for this collection and pattern out in August 2010.

funkykitchenquiltHey Diddle Diddle by Sue Zipkin.  So sweet!  Have any babies to spoil with all kinds of cute baby projects?  Look no further!

Hey-Diddle-Diddle-2Be sure to stop by Sue’s blog and tell her how much you love her new collection!  Hey Diddle Diddle comes out in August 2010.

Hey-Diddle-Diddle-1Woodland Friends II by Ellen Crimi-Trent.  Yes, the first Woodland Friends was so adorable and beloved that we had to do an encore…don’t you love the little owls??

Woodland-Friends-IIAnd the super fun, cute, and easy free pattern is awesome!  Do you Twitter?  Ellen is a prolific Twitter-er, so get a sneak peak into the life of the artist on Twitter here.  You are sure to have a laugh and a little fun!  Fabric and free pattern out in August 2010.


Tea Party by Diane Knott.  Simply sweet.  I am actually sipping tea while I am writing this blog post, so I am pretty excited we are going to have a collection that celebrates my new favorite drink!  Coffee had me getting a little to hyped up on caffeine, so I am enjoying the decrease in caffeine and smoother flavor…YAY for Tea Party!

Tea-PartyI love the free pattern, great use of the border stripe!  Tea Party comes out in August 2010.

teapartyquiltAnd last but certainly not least, Hungarian Blue by Sue Zipkin.  Gorgeous, classic…perfect!

Hungarian-BlueReminds me of antique tea cup patterns…love it…don’t you?  Gorgeous free pattern…fabric and pattern due out in July 201o.

hungarianbluequiltAll right, now it’s your turn!  Want to win fat quarters from your favorite new collection of choice (old or new)?  Tell us what you think!  What’s your favorite new collection?  We’ll select 3 winners at random and announce them next Friday, March 12th.  Until then, Happy Quilting!

41 thoughts on “More NEW Collections and a Fat Quarter Giveaway…YAY!

  1. My favourite of the new collections is undoubtedly the Hungarian Blue. I love blue and white as a decorating theme, blue and white quilts, blue and white china — you name it!! And that fabric collection absolutely took my breath away!

  2. I’m torn between Woodland Friends II and the Hungarian Blue. If I had to pick just one I’d say the Woodlands Friends II just so I could mix and match it with the first set. (And hey, if I win one, then I wouldn’t feel a tad bit guilty buying the second set!)

  3. Oh my Tea Party, I can see some fussy cutting with the picture fabric and there are so many tea drinkers in the world, so soft and pretty!

  4. Hey Diddle Diddle is my favorite. I love making baby items and this collection is simply adorable. Already thinking of what I’ll make when it becomes available.

  5. I can see a combination of the Funky Kitchen and Tea Party, to put borders on table cloths and napkins and tea towels. A pieced table cloth would brighten up the dining room.

  6. Tea Party is the best for me – from the cute tea pots to the soft colours. I know a special someone who needs that quilt. Long time to wait till it hits the quit shops though! Boo hoo hoo

  7. I can’t pick one collection over another. That would be like choosing one of your children over another. Each different – Each PERFECT.

  8. I am not eligible to be in the contest but would like to share, I love them all! Thanks for featuring my work, you guys are amazing! Good luck everyone!! Happy sewing!

  9. Would have to say Tea Party. Reminds me of my 4 yr. old Granddaughter who is getting into “Lets have a Tea Party Grandma” stage. Also, love the Hungarian Blues…since that is my favorite colour but would be tinkled to win any of them!

  10. Oh…I just love all of the new fabrics! My favorite would have to be Hungarian Blue! I just love anything blue! My second favorite would be Hey Diddle Diddle. I love all of Sue Zipkin’s work! Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

  11. The Woodland Friends is a cute collection and will add to my already existing collection of woodsy prints. Love the silly look.

  12. It’s not a easy question to ask any quilter which fabric line that they like the best . because if I had to choose , they all would all win hands down , But now that you are making me choose , and for the fact that my daughter just had my 2nd grandchild about 10 days ago . I would have to choose Hey Diddle Diddle, Woodland Friends , and Hungarian Blue , I Know that you said you had to pick one but I truly can not and have choose all 3 lines . one line for my newborn grandson 10 days old , his brother who is 3 would love woodland II and for myself I just love Hungarian Blue . Sorry and the odds of me winning because I didn’t pick one fabric line will be slim to none . but like they say with Lays Potato Chips you can’t eat just one . lol but in this case you cant quilt just one . .

  13. So hard to pick just one as they are all gorgeous! After staring at each in turn for 15 minutes, I’ll have to go with Hey Diddle Diddle. When all else fails, I always go with pastels because they are so much fun to work with and secretly I’m still a kid at heart.

  14. LOVE Sue Zipkin’s Hey Diddle Diddle. In the middle of a move from NJ to Fl and have not sewn or purchased fabric in SOOOOO long. AM in serious withdrawal–the first thing to be unpacked will be my stash and sewing machine!

  15. Without a doubt my favorite is the Hungarian Blue!!! Reminds me of beautiful antique china, I love it!! Deffinitally going on my list of “Must-Have” fabrics!

  16. Definitely Woodlands II. This summer we will move house and I want to decorate my youngest daughters room as a Fairytale Wood. And this fabric is just perfect!! Can’t wait to see it in store!
    Kind Regards,
    Suzanne – NL

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