Free Toy Poodle Swatches!!

I was snooping around the sample room last week and came across some yummy little pieces of leftover Toy Poodle from the capsets we made up, and just couldn’t help myself.  I had to rescue them from the sad little fabric bin they were hiding in and give them new life.  Dozens of little project ideas popped into my head–these little swatches are just too cute!


I have 9 little stacks of these sweet gems of fabric goodness, so the first 9 people to comment on this blog post will each get their very own little stack of rescued Toy Poodle swatches!


…and BONUS!!  If you make something out of them, and send us a good photo, we will send you a fat quarter pack of Toy Poodle!!  The swatches are approximately 4″ x 4″, some a bit bigger and some a bit smaller.  What a great challenge–what would you make with them?  I am thinking a little miniature baby quilt wall hanging, or diaper bag, or fabric blocks….oh so many ideas!!

Toy-Poodle7The little cakes are my favorite…

Toy-Poodle-3But I love these little lovelies too…

Toy-Poodle10…and the little puzzle pieces!!  Ok, seriously there is no choosing your favorite, because they are all so cute that you just can’t hardly stand it!  Click here to view the entire Toy Poodle collection–what I am showing you here is just the tip of the iceberg!  The first grouping of the Toy Poodle collection will be in stores in April, and the remainder of the collection will come in July.

The Toy Poodle collection by Kinkame comes from Japan, and is a basic fabric line over there.  Get this, Japanese mothers use these darling fabrics to sew up all kinds of sweet little delights for their children.  That’s right, whole wardrobes, bed quilts, decorations, toys, you name it.  Can you imagine?  I am on cute overload!!!

Ok, I really look forward to hearing from all of you, and sending 9 of you your happy little Toy Poodle swatch kits!  And I REALLY can’t wait to see what creative things you come up with!

Thanks for your thoughts, and Happy Quilting!!

18 thoughts on “Free Toy Poodle Swatches!!

  1. I would love to receive some of these swatches …………. they would be great for making something for a baby that is due in the family later this year!

  2. i just made a diaper bag and matching car seat blanket out of pink poodle fabric, so maybe i can expand my palette with these swatches. O, boy!

  3. Congrats Denise, Joan, Donna, Kathleen, Shelley, Carol, Robin, Cindylee, and Bev!! I’ll be emailing shortly to get your addresses if I haven’t already. Thanks for participating!!

    Email us pics of your projects if you make anything with the swatches, and we will send you fat quarter bundles of more Toy Poodle–YEAH!

    Thanks Gals!

  4. Every single post is drop dead fabulous. I LOVE your blog! But actually I really love everything about Clothworks. Still pinch myself to think I get to be one of your artists. You’re are the best…

    I think you should do a post about Quiltistes… I bet there are lots of us out there. Or maybe just a few quiltistes and lots of us wannabes who swoon over every Clothworks catalog and wish for a bigger time slot to use with our fabric stashes.

  5. Missed this yesterday as was at a Quilt Show in Red Deer, Alberta with 9 of my quilt buddies. A great day full of beautiful quilts, lunch, shopppppppin’, dinner, lots of laughs!

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