Delphi, the Clothworks office dog!

It’s about time that all of you got the pleasure of meeting our furriest and cutest employee.  If you ever come by the office you may get to meet him.  Just be careful if you come around lunch time…you may encounter a white flash running down the hall with such force it blows your hair back!  The white flash is Delphi, our office dog, racing down the hallway to have his lunch time apple!

Delphi3Delphi and I had a chat awhile back, and this is what he had to tell me about his life as Clothworks office dog:

I was born in San Rafael CA at the Guidedogs for the Blind campus.  I came to Seattle when I was 8 weeks old.

My mom, Angela was raising me to see if I could become a guidedog for a blind person.  I was pretty good at most of the tasks, but as the months went by, I got more distracted and stressed by all of the sights, smells and sounds around me.  On my first birthday it was decided that I wasn’t cut out to be a guide dog so my mom officially adopted me.  Hooray!  My life got much easier!  Although if you ask me, my mom is still pretty strict…..(only 50% of the dogs being raised to be a guide actually graduate and work.  Just like we all aren’t cut out to be doctors or lawyers, not all dogs can handle the stress of being a guide dog.)

Delphi2My mom and I have gone to lots of obedience classes since then so that I could learn many commands and “work” my brain.  I get to go to work with my mom every day and it is my second home.  I am definitely a “people dog” and am very lonely when I am by myself.  My friends at the office are very nice, and throw my toys for me sometimes too.  I like to run up and down the hall first thing in the morning when there aren’t many people there.  I mostly stay on my bed next to my mom’s desk, but even when I lay in the walkway, everyone just steps over me!


A highlight of my day is when mom and I go outside for a short break.  I like to grab my leash and play tug with her.

I also LOVE lunchtime!  ( I am a lab after all!)  Even though I don’t get everything that I want, I get a couple of treats while everyone else is eating.  Sometimes they even drop bites for me!

Delphi1Here’s a picture of me and my mom.

Delphi4Thanks for the chat, Delphi!  I’ve got to say, nothing brightens the day more than a nice petting session with Mr. Delphi…

Have a great weekend, and Happy Quilting!

4 thoughts on “Delphi, the Clothworks office dog!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! He writes so well, far better than any dog I know! Still is as handsome as ever! See you at Retreat!

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