Kathy York Art Quilt at Quilt Market

I just LOVE Kathy’s gorgeous art quilts, and was lucky enough to see one in person at quilt market. The detail in the quilting and rich colors were beyond belief–simply gorgeous. Hopefully this video with make you feel like you were there at the show with me. Watch this video in HD (High Definition) to see all of the exquisite details and beauty in this quilt. The quilt is entitled, “Red Legged Bird with a Tale to Tell”.

Also be sure to check out Kathy’s fabric collection inspired by her beautiful hand-dyed fabrics in her art quilts, Urban Landscapes. Fabric should be in stores in the next couple weeks, so visit your local quilt shop to check it out!

Back from Quilt Market with videos!

I’m back and armed with a number of great videos I took from around the show. The first one I have to show you is of the Karie Patch Design booth, and some really cute patterns! Karen uses our fabrics in some of her pattern and in some of the quilt magazine projects she does as well. You can buy Karen’s patterns by visiting www.kariepatch.com.

I have many more videos to show you, so stay tuned! Next up is a video showing you the Clothworks booth!

Sneaky peeky…

Do you wish you could be a fly on the wall at quilt market and see the goings-on there? It is a very cool place to be. There are so many gorgeous quilts, fabrics, amazing gadgets, books, notions…oh it’s a quilter’s paradise! So that’s why I’ll be taking some great videos and posting all about it when we get back.

In the mean time, check out some cute projects that we’ll be showing in our booth! This first one is from the Mayfly Mischief collection by Tony Fernandes. The pattern is from Kwik Sew, pattern 3749.


Here is Mayfly Mischief again in Lazy Girl Designs’ Maggie pattern.

Here’s the same pattern in Pam Mostek’s new collection, Avalon.

This one is in the June’s Backyard fabric collection by Skipping Stones Studios, and the pattern is from Lazy Girl Designs’ Claire pattern. Can you tell we love Lazy Girl Designs? I guess we’re just a bunch of lazy girls!

We’ll be posting again next week and telling you all about quilt market, but until then–Happy Sewing!

12 Days of Christmas…a fresh new holiday look!

I know what you’re saying, “I have like 7 months until Christmas”…but trust me, there is a reason that these silly fabric companies put their holiday and Christmas fabrics out in May and June. So you have time to finish all your projects before Christmas! If you are making a quilt, you need time to piece it, schedule a quilter and have it quilted, and bind it! Or if you are making gifts or projects for the home like these cool ones I’m about to show you, you have to get that assembly line going!

So, check out the goods! This collection comes to a quilt shop near you in June, and it is soooo cool. Tired of the same ‘ol tradition Christmas look? Freshen it up with this modern, uber cool new collection called 12 Days of Christmas by Sharyn Sowell.


All of the projects shown are Joyce’s original designs except for the apron. Isn’t it cute? She used a Bunny Hill pattern, Bon Appetit and modified it a bit.
Soooo cute!
…and don’t forget the potholders!
So get your inner elf in gear and get to holiday-making! When you’re kicking back sipping on that spiked eggnog in December, you’ll be grinning as your friends scramble to pull together their holiday projects!

Happy Sewing!

Make a Quick and Easy Pillowcase!

So I FINALLY figured out how to make a video and edit it. If you need a quick and easy project, this is the one…but I am warning you–it is ADDICTING! I’ve been making quite a few of these babies lately, and it’s so much fun! My friend and Clothworks coworker, Jean, showed me how to make these. Now I’ve decided that every bed quilt I make must have matching pillowcases. And of course I’ll be making some pillowcases for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge too!

So now I am soooo excited about all of the wonderful things we can videotape…mitered borders made easy anyone? Perfect binding? Quick and easy receiving blankets? I’ve got a whole stash of ideas!

And if you’d like to be a fly on the wall at Quilt Market next week…guess what? I’m bringing my video camera! It’s going to be so much fun!

Have a great weekend of sewing and fabric fun!

Congrats Marilyn!

The name that came out of the hat today for our new collection free pattern kit giveaway was Marilyn! YAY! Marilyn will receive our free pattern and fabric kit for her favorite new collection, Celebration by Masha D’yans.


Thanks to everyone for commenting on our new collections blog post!