Welcome new Clothworks designer, Erin Ries!

I instantly fell in love with Erin’s new collection, Milly, and am really excited about this wonderfully talented new designer! So here’s a little Q & A to help you get to know this fabulous new designer just a bit better…


Brandi: What inspires your artwork?

Erin: I think that most of my inspiration for my art has developed over time. As I become exposed to more things, people, and places, I continually evolve as an artist. I know many wonderfully talented artists who have passed on a wealth of knowledge to me. All of my formal training has given me my traditional foundation to build on. Gotta have the basics! On top of that, I am grateful to be surrounded by creative, loving people every day. That alone is inspiring.

Brandi: What inspires you to create?

Erin: Everything around me! The world is full of beautiful things and I want to add my own personal touch by referencing them. The different color combinations in nature are amazing! I am also fascinated by color in the retail industry. I basically love color and beautiful things and you can definitely see that in my art!

Brandi: What is your creativity process?

Erin: I sketch out my ideas and then I look for color inspiration. After I have my resources and references collected, I draw and mix up paint. My patterns are all hand drawn and inked. I then scan them in and apply the color palette in photoshop. I love the experience of hand drawing the designs rather then creating them on the computer.


Brandi: How did the artist in you evolve?

Erin: Well let’s just say my favorite smell is crayons! I have always loved anything to do with art. As a child I colored, I painted, I made jewelry, I sewed and I loved craft time. As I grew up I continued to find ways to incorporate being creative with my life. I took art in highschool and college and love that I was able to find a career related to art and being creative.

Brandi: Describe your creative space or studio?

Erin: Technically my whole house is my studio. My actual office/ art room space is still a work in progress. Sometimes I draw and paint out on my deck, on my front porch, or while sitting in front of my living room TV. Pretty much as long as I am feeling inspired and creative, the location is a minor detail.


Brandi: What is your favorite color?

Erin: green

Brandi: food?

Erin: fresh fruit…. I actually crave it!

Brandi: place?

Erin: Besides my house, I love being at a cabin on a lake during the summer

Brandi: song?

Erin: It is too hard to pick one, I like listening to a variety of music

Brandi: artist?

Erin: I love Claude Monet and Carl Larson’s use of color


Brandi: season?

Erin: Autumn… who doesn’t enjoy sitting by a bonfire, eating s’mores, sipping hot apple cider?

Brandi: animal?

Erin: Dogs…. my beagle Pugsley and my terrier Maxwell are my best friends


Thanks, Erin! We look forward to seeing more from you!

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