12 Days of Christmas…a fresh new holiday look!

I know what you’re saying, “I have like 7 months until Christmas”…but trust me, there is a reason that these silly fabric companies put their holiday and Christmas fabrics out in May and June. So you have time to finish all your projects before Christmas! If you are making a quilt, you need time to piece it, schedule a quilter and have it quilted, and bind it! Or if you are making gifts or projects for the home like these cool ones I’m about to show you, you have to get that assembly line going!

So, check out the goods! This collection comes to a quilt shop near you in June, and it is soooo cool. Tired of the same ‘ol tradition Christmas look? Freshen it up with this modern, uber cool new collection called 12 Days of Christmas by Sharyn Sowell.


All of the projects shown are Joyce’s original designs except for the apron. Isn’t it cute? She used a Bunny Hill pattern, Bon Appetit and modified it a bit.
Soooo cute!
…and don’t forget the potholders!
So get your inner elf in gear and get to holiday-making! When you’re kicking back sipping on that spiked eggnog in December, you’ll be grinning as your friends scramble to pull together their holiday projects!

Happy Sewing!

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas…a fresh new holiday look!

  1. Tres Chic! (Couldn’t expect anything less from the talented Clothworks gang!)
    It’s nice to see what kind of fun projects you can make with some modern & hip Christmas fabric!

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