New collections for November 2010!

NEW NEW NEW…I have three new collections for you–what fun! These beauties are November 2010 collections just now pre-selling to quilt shops. Can’t live without them? Let your local shop know!

Here it is looking stunning…the new Laurel Burch collection, Celestial Dreams!
…and what a fabulous free pattern!

Here is a new collection from the lovely ladies of Joined at the Hip! This one is Farmgirl’s Garden. You can watch a video of Tammy and Avis telling you all about it here on YouTube! Tammy and Avis also have a great little blog going, and you can check that out here.
…and the gals even designed this cute little quilt themselves!

Last, but certainly not least, is Le Jardin de Papillons by Chris Chun! Chris also has a very cool blog you can visit here. Le Jardin de Papillons was a huge hit at quilt market–check out fabric blogger True Up’s review of Le Jardin and other collections here.
I LOVE this free pattern too…it uses mitered borders which are surprisingly easy to do. I’m going to be doing a video demo on these to release when the free pattern comes out in November!
That’s it for November! We’d love to hear what your favorite November collection is…comment on this post and you’ll be entered for a chance to win fat quarters from your favorite collection! Only one comment per person, please. We look forward to hearing from you!

18 thoughts on “New collections for November 2010!

  1. The colors in the Celestial Dreams are fabulous! I think I like Le Jardin de Papillions best though. Very pretty, and I like the quilt pattern, too!

  2. Well, making someone choose a favorite collection is like asking who is the favorite child! ;D I love the colors in each and have ideas spinning around for each of them already. I think, though, I would begin first with Celestial Dreams.

  3. You can’t go wrong with ric rac, waves, dot and paisley!!! And those colors, so very nice 🙂 My fav out of these is FarmGirl’s Garden 🙂 Love it! Thanks for the chance!

  4. i love the laurel burch. i NEED some of that for my son’s graduation quilt. he will get his masters in aeronautical engineering from tennessee space institute next may. he has always wanted this abstract space quilt. this may go in for some of the planets.

  5. Wow: Love the Laurel Burch. I’ve adored all her collections. My colors, my themes! Just seeing them makes me want to run and design a pattern to use with them. Wow.Le Jardin de Papillions is gorgeous as well. Love those little butterflies.

    THanks for the preview, it was great.

  6. Once Again the ClothWorks designers have out done themselves .As it gets harder & harder to choose which line is the best of the best . Love them all ladies , this time around you made it so much harder to choose . But since we have to pick one , I have to go with . Drum roll if you PLEASE !! Le Jardin de Papillons .

  7. WOW !! The clothworks designers are making it harder and harder for us to make up own minds and each of them are the best of the best in their own right . but since we have to choose only one I have to say , Drum roll if you PLEASE .
    Le Jardin de Papillons . We all need color from the Spring & Summer months to brighten up the dreary days & night during the Fall & winter months ,

  8. I will be on the lookout for these in my local store. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these prints. Thank You!

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