January 2011 New Collection Preview!

Check out the latest batch of goodies headed your way for 2011!

Beetle Boy from Ellen Crimi-Trent….CUUUUUTE!

Nature Rhythms by Johnny K Studio….so sweet, stylish, and prrrrrrrretty!

Tulips by Barb Tourtillotte….luscious petals of joy!

What’s your favorite? We’d love to hear from you! Tell us what your favorite collection is and you’ll have a chance to win free fat quarters from your favorite collection! Only one comment per person, please. Winner will be drawn this Friday, August 13th!

28 thoughts on “January 2011 New Collection Preview!

  1. Love the Beetle Boy fabric… but what about the beetle girls??? I think they need thieir own buggy fabric too… and not just lady bugs!!! The girls in our family love all kinds of bugs!!!

  2. It is a toss up between Nature Rhythms and Tulips, but I think I would go with Nature. Then entire collection could be used in so many different great ways. But then I look back at the white tulips on the black and I like it so much!
    Typical quilter. If you can’t decide, clearly you need to buy all of it.

  3. Tulips. What a striking fabric. It could be floral or a take on a black and white with red and an added green pop. It lends well to a fussy cut or a stack and wack. Just so many possibilities. Love it.

  4. Great Collections.

    I love Beetle Boy. My grandson would love a quilt made from this fabric. Bugs really
    fascinate him.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love all three of these and could use them all! However, I have in mind to make our teenage daughter a purse or bag for Christmas and think she’d prefer the Nature Rhythms if it were for her.

  6. Beetle Boy! I have a baby boy due right before Christmas! I can only imagine all the cute and fun things I could make for him using that adorable fabric. 🙂

  7. Since they’re being released in January, I think I would go for the tulips to make something new and springy looking forward to the end of the winter doldrums.

  8. I really appreciate the perception of depth that is captured by Barb Tourtillotte in Tulips. The colors are rich and weighty like real tulips. I love the parrot edges of the petals and the way she has allowed other colors to creep in and make their appearance giving more dimension to individual flowers.

  9. They’re all gorgeous and I’m really attracted to Tulips and Nature Rhythm but if I could choose only one it would definitely be Nature Rhythm. Those are gorgeous prints — lots of design possibilities!

  10. Beetle Boy is my favorite pick , as they happen to be the cutest looking Beetles , and my grandson would just love to roll around in a quilt made with them on it .

  11. The bug fabric will make the perfect birthday gift! I’m looking forward to making a blanket for my little nephew!

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