Holiday Gift Project #7

Sometimes there just not enough time to make it all…so if you need a charming and insanely cute handmade gift, look no further than Etsy! Our sweet and talented Customer Service Specialist, Stephanie DiCola is an applique guru and makes all kinds of fabulous textile creations. She made these little “Flying Pig” oven mitts for a friend, and after she saw how cool they turned out, decided to post them for sale on her Etsy site! You can see them on her Etsy site here. Stephanie used our Shades collection by Kinkame…what a cool use of the beautiful gradating pink!
There is a special story behind these pigs and here is what Stephanie had to say about them: “I designed and made the “Flying Pig” oven mitt all on my own. I made it as part of a Christmas gift for my best friend, Meredith, who lives in the Netherlands. She and I have been friends since high school. We both grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio where the “Flying Pig” is the unofficial mascot of the city. So, since we both live far apart from each other, as well as far away from our home city, I always send her “pig-related” things.”
If you haven’t done some shopping on Etsy before, I highly recommend it. There is a plethora of unique and beautiful handmade goods from soaps to ceramics to textiles to paintings to prints and beyond. I am always amazed of the cool finds there! It’s true; sometimes you just can’t make it all, but Etsy is the alternative–a handmade gift is still an option!

So thank you Stephanie for such a cool project–I hope these “Flying Pigs” find good homes for the holidays! If you would like to check out Stephanie’s flying pig oven mitts, click here. Judging from their insane cuteness factor, I don’t see them lasting long!

Do any of you sell on Etsy? Share your Etsy link in a comment below…we’d love to see what you are all making and selling!

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