New collections…April & May 2011!

Fun and festive new collections abound! Check out the latest and let us know what you think below for a chance to win free fat quarters of your favorite collection!

Why not start off with a collection that’s sure to get you giggling…Muffintops by Barb Tourtillotte. Hilarious!
If Muffintops made you blush, then perhaps this next one is more up your alley…Night and Day by Skipping Stones Studio.
I loooove this one…Mayfly Buddies by Tony Fernandes. Isn’t this just too sweet for baby?
Here’s the latest European Taupe V by Kinkame…so lovely!
Lastly, here are next year’s holiday collections to look forward to! The first one is Christmas Spirit by Diane Knott…don’t you love these fancy Santas?
…and last but not least, Holiday Celebrations by Laurel Burch… gorgeous colors and mystical creatures!
Thanks for looking, and don’t forget to leave you comment for a chance to win free fat quarters! Winner announced this Friday at 4pm. Happy Sewing!

34 thoughts on “New collections…April & May 2011!

  1. The European Taupe collection is gorgeous! But so is the Laurel Burch holiday line. And I really like the Night and Day collection too. Beautiful stuff!

  2. Oooh! I like the European Taupe fabric the best! Very nice!
    Since I live on the Mississippi River and we actually do have Mayflies every year, that is my least favorite design.

  3. Those are all great! I especially like the Mayfly Buddies and European Taupe V. The Holiday prints are great, too! I usually don’t like Laurel Birch all that much, but I do like these!

  4. They’re all beautiful! The European reminds me a little of Holly Hobby with the flowers. The black and whites would be fantastic in so many projects! And the ABC fabric is cute and modern! I’d love to make the Santas into a hundred different projects!

  5. Night and Day would be my first choice of these new designs. I’ve been seeing several quilts in black, white and lime green and think fat quarters of that collection would be the start of a quilt like that.

  6. I love them all. Each and every one. European Taupe has an interesting color pallette and Night and Day would make great ties!

  7. I could use those black and whites, night and day, in so many ways. The Christmas collection will give me a good start for Christmas next year.

  8. I Love Mayfly Buddies. I can think of two Grandchildren who’d get a new quilt with that material. European Taupe is another group that I love. It’s such rich looking colors. It’d look great as a lap quilt or wall display in my family room.

  9. Love the rich colors in the Christmas Spirit collection, but I also love the soothing colors of the European Taupe collection… hard to choose between the two! 🙂

  10. Oh, this is a terrible decision. Laurel Burch for anything Christmas? I can just see a quilt in the Christmas Spirit fabric. Mayflys? Great Baby Quilt. Muffintops…….Looks just like me. Oh, I think I’ll go with the Black and White……it is drop dead Gorgeous!

  11. I love all those collections. Just wish I had money to buy all of them but then where would I put them? My husband would say Oh, guess, what Esther just bought the store out.

  12. This is the first time that I have read your blog. I love the projects and the variety displayed. So creative…I’ll be a regula visitor.!

  13. I love the Muffin Top fabric! I recently retired and so did my husband, and someday we may just get to the beach. The lady in the fabric with the blue tank top, dark blue work-out pants and the red weights in each hand is definitely ME!!!

  14. We were just talking about Muffin tops today at the quilt store. We decided the perfect quilting pattern for a quilt made using this fabric would be “Bras & Panties”.
    I love, love, love Muffin tops!

  15. I just bought a kit for Mayflybuddies the directions say to check website incase of any change in directions. Please let me know soooon. Iam so excieted to make it, it is for a dear freinds first baby she love the faric and th pattern. thank you design for quilt is by Jean Ann Wright thank you

    • Hi Sheila, updates are always posted on the pattern in our “Free Patterns” section. All you have to do is click here, find the Mayfly Buddies pattern, click on it, and see if there are any updates. I happened to look at that one and see there have not been any updates. Anytime we update a pattern, it has a big banner that says “Pattern Updated” across the front so you can’t miss it. Thanks and Happy Sewing!

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