Holiday Gift Project #13

Ok, here is one I promise you can do last minute in a jiff! This project is a nice and easy 1 hour project depending on how many you are making. I made 8 in just under an hour. They are dinner napkins that are constructed simply of two contrasting half circles of fabric which are sewn together, turned, pressed, topstitched, and ironed into little trees…that’s it! I told you they were easy! And how clever! Click here to get the free pattern from Craftsanity. Thanks to Craftsanity for an AWESOME pattern!
I used our Birds and Berries fabric by Barb Tourtillotte.
Now, I must admit I did modify the pattern a bit. All I did was cut out two 18″ circles, cut them in half to make semicircles (thanks to Pam in Spokane, WA for the tip!), sew right sides together, turn, press, topstitch, and iron into tree shape. All you need are semicircles to do the trick and it saves on fabric. I was able to make 8 napkins out of just two yards of fabric (one yard of the green fabric and one yard of the cream).

Thanks for looking and have fun with this one!

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