How to Make a Tied Baby Blanket

Want to make a quick and easy baby blanket in about an hour? Well this project is for you! I just love Ellen Crimi-Trent’s adorable Beetle Boy fabric and just had to make a blanket for my 18 month old using the cheater cloth print here.

So it’s super easy! Here’s what you need:
-1.5 yards of a really cute fabric print fabric
-1.5 yards of a really soft fabric like minky, flannel, or any other soft fabric you can find
-About a yard or so of yarn to coordinate with your fabrics
-A needle with an eye big enough to fit your yarn through
-Scissors, pins, sewing machine, and all of those basic sewing supplies

Now you’re ready! First, lay out your soft fabric and print fabric right sides together. Trim down your soft fabric if it is larger so that all sides match up. BBLaidOUtBBSidesFacing
Now take a cup or anything rounded and use a pen or marker to mark your curved corners (looks nice and reduce bulk at corners). Trim off excess fabric at corners, using your marking as a guide.
Pin two layers together all along the outside edges.
Sew all the way around the edges using a half inch seam allowance. Use a walking foot if you have one to avoid puckers/gathers as you sew. Leave about a 4″ opening for turning.
Trim excess fabric all the way around but do not trim around the opening. The extra fabric will make it easier to topstitch after turning.
Turn the blanket so that the right sides are facing out and smooth out edges and corners.
Starting at the opening, tuck in the flaps and topstitch all the way around, backstitching at the end.
Get out your yarn and needle, and thread on your yarn. Starting in the middle, begin making ties through both layers of fabric every 6″ to 8″ evenly throughout the quilt. Put the needle down through the top and bring it back up through the bottom, leaving about an inch to 2 inches of yarn to tie off with a double knot.
Wash the blanket and prepare to snuggle! My baby wasn’t around for the photo, so my other baby had to fill in…these blankets make great pet blankets too!BBFinished
I hope you like this project–it’s fun and easy to do! Feel free to send photos of your own tied blanket projects–we’d love to share them on the blog. Until then, Happy Sewing!

7 thoughts on “How to Make a Tied Baby Blanket

  1. I’m an old lady (71), so I hope you’ll forgive me for sharing a tip that you may not be aware of. When tying a quilt (they’re called “haps” hereabouts) take a stitch with your tying yarn or thread, then another stitch on top of that (down and up, then down and up again on the same spot.) Then use a surgeon’s knot to tie, which makes a more permanent knot. To do this, make a square knot this way: Right over left (wrap twice), left over right (wrap twice) and tie tightly.

    Recently in an old book I found another great way to do this. Use longer lengths of thread or yarn, after your first stitch don’t cut but carry your thread to the next spot, and so on until you run out of thread, making sure there’s enough left to tie with. Then go back and snip midway between your stitches. This works best when you’re tying 6 inches apart – that way you have 3 inches to tie with.

    I’m sorry I don’t have a camera to illustrate what I mean, but I think you’ll be able to figure it out! It makes me happy to see young people interested in sewing and making things for themselves. Much success to you!!!

  2. Sending thanks to Ruth. I am going to try your method. My sister, now a physician, has always sewn up her Christmas turkey with the medical knots. If it works for a turkey, it’ll work for a blanket! Thanks.

  3. um i really want to try this blanket and i was wondering if you can send me a video or a pattern and insturctions on how to make it

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