July 2011 Collections Preview!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jovanna who chose Floral Folio as her favorite collection. She said, I LOVE the bright colors with the florals and the sweet little birds.” Thanks to everyone who commented and stay tuned for next month’s new collections preview of August 2011 collections. Have a great week and Happy Sewing!

We have so gorgeous and fun new collections lined up for July 2011, so have a look and leave a comment for a chance to win fat quarters of your favorite collection! Winner will be announced this coming Monday, February 14th–Valentine’s Day!

Floral Folio by Cary Phillips. Cary is a new designer to us, so check out her bio to read all about her!FloralFolio4FloralFolio3FloralFolio2floralfolioquilt

Roly Poly Penguins Flannel by Barb Tourtillotte.RolyPoly3RolyPoly2RolyPoly1rolypolypenguinsflannelquil

Critters by Ellen Crimi-Trent.Critters2Critters3Critters1crittersquilt

Sapphire by Skipping Stones Studio.Sapphire3Sapphire2Sapphire1sapphirequilt
Thanks for having a gander and we look forward to reading all of your comments. Happy Sewing!

48 thoughts on “July 2011 Collections Preview!

  1. ooooh *drool* – i like cary’s floral folio!!! i L.U.V. the turq, ivory, and burnt sienna color combo. my fvaorite is the magenta accent!!…i adore the large scale floral with the little bird tucked in!!

    i love it all!!!

  2. Oh! I love all of these! Especially the Floral Folio (although I love the Critters & Roly Poly Penguins too!). I see the bulk of these being added to my stash this year!!! =0)

  3. They’re lovely …………… just the thing to cheer up this dreadful dreary February weather we’re having here. I’m in the midst of collecting fabrics for an I Spy quilt so “Critters” would be ideal! x

  4. Oh, decisions, decisions. Will it be penquins or critters? The penquins win, hands down. They are full of life and the fabric is colourful and flannel. Just what we need up here to keep warm in the winter.

  5. Love all the fabrics! But especially the little bees! I’m Auntie B to my nieces and nephews and will have to make something out of it!

  6. I have to vote for the Roly Poly Penguins. That is such a cute collection and I love the quilt you made with it. A great use of fabric and looks quick to do..

  7. I love them all! I especially love the Critters line. Bees and Ladybugs are two of my favorites! By the way…Happy Valentines Day to all the fabric/quilt lovers!

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