Guest Blogger: NEW Clothworks designer, Jamie Wood!

Hello Clothworks fans! My name is Jamie Wood and I am a new designer with Clothworks. My first collection is called Farm Friends. It will be shipping in October 2011 and you can check it out on the Clothworks website HERE. I am so excited to introduce you to this collection because it is near and dear to my heart. The inspiration for the prints in the collection is found right in my own backyard…literally!boys1
I live in the heart of Texas with my husband, Don, and our two sons, Benjamin (5 yrs old) and Maxwell (2 yrs old). We live in a relatively small town, out in the country. It is a short ten minute drive to ‘town’ but we definitely live in the boondocks! We are very lucky to live on family property that has about 180 acres total. We are able to enjoy the outdoors with our boys and not worry about busy streets or being too loud for the neighbors.boys
We have taken to the country like a fish to water. We own about two dozen chickens and we enjoy the farm fresh eggs they provide. The property is also home to a herd of cattle. The cattle are owned by a third party but we get to enjoy watching the calves feed and the cattle graze. The boys really like our little ‘farm’. Thus the inspiration for Farm Friends!chickens1
Our chickens get to free range during the day which means bug control for us. Yay! Living in Texas means the ratio of bugs to humans is about 5 to 1. I wish I were kidding! The chickens will go to great lengths to get their dinner…even if that means destroying a few flower beds. (I am not that great at growing pretty flowers anyway.)chickens2
The chickens are trained to go into the pen at night. We have too many critters that come around at night so we cannot leave them out. Coyotes, raccoons, and skunks really like to get chickens. We do not butcher any for the meat. We only use them for the fresh eggs. I don’t think I could eat Henrietta or Henry.cow1
The cattle are fun too. They are not super tame but they are curious, as are the boys. We can walk around in the pasture with them and they will usually just see what we are up to and go about their business of grazing.<img src="" alt="cow2" title="cow2" width="560" height="373" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2827" /
There you have it. The inspiration for Farm Friends is all around me. From my little farm to your home, I hope you enjoy my first collection with Clothworks. I hope there will be a lot more to come! Visit me at and leave me a note. I really like hearing from you!pasture

PS–Check out Farm Friends mocked up in some really cute Figgy sewing patterns…
On the left is Ofelia and on the right is Vien and Rue. Also be sure to check out the free pattern…this is just a preview, but we’ll put the instructions on the website in October when the fabric comes out. Cute, huh?!

October 2011 New Collections Preview!

UPDATE: The results are in! Congrats to our randomly selected winner, Maggie Buckwitz! She had this to say about her favorite collection, “My favorite is Farm Friends by Jamie Wood! It is so bright and cheerful. I want to make a cute quilt for my great-nephew from it for Christmas.”. Thanks to everyone who participated and Happy Quilting!

Behold…the latest new collections preview for collections delivering to a shop near you in October 2011!!

First up, Farm Friends by our fabulous new designer Jamie Wood! Tune in next week for an exclusive guest blog post by Jamie–FUN! Farm-Friends1Farm-Friends-2
Next we have Lily and Peony by the ever-talented Skipping Stones Studio.LilyandPeony1LilyandPeony2
Then we have the latest addition to
Kinkame’s collection of breathtaking Japanese taupes, European Taupe VI.</aETvi5etvi4
Last but certainly not least, we have
Smitten by the beautiful Barb Tourtillotte.Smitten4>Smitten3
That’s it for now. What’s YOUR favorite collection? Comment below and let us know! One random winner will be chosen to receive fat quarters of their favorite collection and announced this Friday. Until then, Happy Quilting!

Spring 2011 Quilt Market Part Four

One of my favorite parts about quilt market is walking the show and spotting Clothworks fabrics in action. I have an eagle eye for it, no matter how small or basic the fabric might be–I find it. We’re lucky to work with many talented pattern designers who crave our fabric for their fabulous patterns…so check out what I spied at the show!
IMG_6456IMG_6453IMG_6454IMG_6455These photos were taken at the Robin Quilts, Etc. booth and there I spotted three different Clothworks collections. You can see Paintbrush Gardens by Sue Zipkin, Night and Day by Skipping Stones Studio and Hydrangeas by Sue Zipkin.
IMG_6420IMG_6423IMG_6424IMG_6425IMG_6427IMG_6428IMG_6429IMG_6433IMG_6431IMG_6430I fell in love with the Beach Garden Quilts booth and their use of our Shades fabric in their patterns…aren’t they gorgeous? The gals also used Toy Poodle and Le Jardin de Papillons in their floor mats and Night and Day in their little sports bags. Critters and Sapphire were also used in the little Girly Gear Ruffles bags.
IMG_6418IMG_6419This lovely quilt is from Modern Quilt Relish…I LOVED loved LOVED their patterns. This quilt features Beetle Boy fabric by Ellen Crimi-Trent.
IMG_6409I spied these little darlings at the Vanilla House Designs booth (we also had these little doll dresses at our booth cuz they were so cute!). The fabric is Paintbrush Gardens on the two left dresses and Milly on the right dress. IMG_6411IMG_6413These little cuties were found at the Olive Ann Designs booth…too darn cute! Both dresses are Paintbrush Gardens, again.
IMG_6406IMG_6407IMG_6408These fun quilts were at the Karie Patch Designs booth. Fabrics featured are Dinos on Parade, American Valor Fabrics and Beetle Boy. Fun!
IMG_6397IMG_6396IMG_6395I found these super cute aprons over in the Rebecca Ruth Designs booth using Sweet Caroline, Milly and Woodland Friends.
IMG_6402IMG_6401Last but not least I spotted this lone piece of Woodland Friends fabric mixed into these gorgeous scrappy quilts by Aardvark Quilts. Love it!
More to follow soon!

Spring 2011 Quilt Market Part Three

So let’s rewind a skosh and take a look at the craziness that goes on before quilt market starts….a little event called Sample Spree. We just started doing this a couple markets ago and it’s a lot of fun. The exhibitors set up tables filled with all kinds of goodies and for a couple hours, the attendees can come in and pick up all kinds of things to take back to their stores with them. The line leading up to the opening of Sample Spree stretches as long as the eye can see…it’s insanity. We had bundles of Holiday Celebrations, Everyday Organic Solids, Scribble Monsters II, the new Toy Poodle, and European Taupe VI. Check it out… IMG_6375IMG_6372IMG_6371IMG_6368
Up next, we’ll take a look at Clothworks fabrics spotted at different pattern designers’ booths!

Spring 2011 Quilt Market Part Two

So I got a little trigger happy with the camera and have way too many photos to share…so I thought the slideshow from the previous post would be a good idea. The downside is that I couldn’t include all of the links to the fabulous pattern designers that we featured…so here are some key photos of what you saw in the slideshow with links added. Thanks to all of the fabulous pattern designers who send us patterns, make samples and help us show off our fabrics!
IMG_6470Oven mitts by Ms. Sad, our very own applique all star and brilliant Customer Service Specialist, Stephanie! Patterns will be added to Stephanie’s Etsy site soon. Fabric is Shades by Kinkame.
IMG_6467IMG_6436IMG_6434These adorable creations are all from La Todera. You can find these patterns for sale (retail and wholesale) on her website here. Fabrics used are Shades and Toy Poodle from Kinkame. The Flatty Dogs are using Floral Folio by Cary Phillips.
IMG_6387The first dress on the upper left is the Ruffles dress by Olive Ann Designs, and fabric is from the Sapphire collection by Skipping Stones Studio. The middle dress is also by Olive Ann Designs and is called the Easy Curves Dress, using the Critters collection by Ellen Crimi-Trent. The far right dress is KwikSew pattern 3776 and features the new Toy Poodle fabrics by Kinkame. We have several small projects by Eazy Peazy in the Gone Haunting fabric by Sue Zipkin (lower right). There are also several KwikSew dresses made out of Quilter’s Selection by Kinkame hanging on the rod next to Stephanies adorable oven mitts. The little doll dresses you see are from Vanilla House Designs–so cute!

Special thanks go out to Jean Seamster, Kathleen Malarky, Shirl Nelson, Stephanie DiCola, Jean Anne Sharrai, Gayle Noyes, Stephanie Sims, Julie Creus, Margaret Travis, Bonnie Mitchell for making these wonderful projects for us to show off at quilt market–we can’t do it without you!

Up next…quilts, quilts and more quilts at market!

Spring 2011 Quilt Market Part One

Well hello again! We’re back from market and full of excitement and inspiration, as always! Quilt Market was held in Salt Lake City, Utah this spring–what a beautiful city! Check out this slideshow I made from photos I took of our booth…

I am working on uploading photos with links to featured patterns to this post as well, so stay tuned!