Spring 2011 Quilt Market Part Two

So I got a little trigger happy with the camera and have way too many photos to share…so I thought the slideshow from the previous post would be a good idea. The downside is that I couldn’t include all of the links to the fabulous pattern designers that we featured…so here are some key photos of what you saw in the slideshow with links added. Thanks to all of the fabulous pattern designers who send us patterns, make samples and help us show off our fabrics!
IMG_6470Oven mitts by Ms. Sad, our very own applique all star and brilliant Customer Service Specialist, Stephanie! Patterns will be added to Stephanie’s Etsy site soon. Fabric is Shades by Kinkame.
IMG_6467IMG_6436IMG_6434These adorable creations are all from La Todera. You can find these patterns for sale (retail and wholesale) on her website here. Fabrics used are Shades and Toy Poodle from Kinkame. The Flatty Dogs are using Floral Folio by Cary Phillips.
IMG_6387The first dress on the upper left is the Ruffles dress by Olive Ann Designs, and fabric is from the Sapphire collection by Skipping Stones Studio. The middle dress is also by Olive Ann Designs and is called the Easy Curves Dress, using the Critters collection by Ellen Crimi-Trent. The far right dress is KwikSew pattern 3776 and features the new Toy Poodle fabrics by Kinkame. We have several small projects by Eazy Peazy in the Gone Haunting fabric by Sue Zipkin (lower right). There are also several KwikSew dresses made out of Quilter’s Selection by Kinkame hanging on the rod next to Stephanies adorable oven mitts. The little doll dresses you see are from Vanilla House Designs–so cute!

Special thanks go out to Jean Seamster, Kathleen Malarky, Shirl Nelson, Stephanie DiCola, Jean Anne Sharrai, Gayle Noyes, Stephanie Sims, Julie Creus, Margaret Travis, Bonnie Mitchell for making these wonderful projects for us to show off at quilt market–we can’t do it without you!

Up next…quilts, quilts and more quilts at market!

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