November 2011 Collections Preview!

UPDATE! We have a winner. Angie commented, “Love the umbrellas; can’t wait for the pattern!”. Thanks to all who participated and see you next time :).

Check it out! The latest Clothworks collections are full of color, beauty and fun. We have frolicking frogs, cool stylish grays and women dancing in the rain…what more do you want for your November line up?

Froggin by Sue Zipkin.Froggin2Froggin3Froggin4
Neutral Elegance by Joined at the Hip.Neutral-Elegance3Neutral-Elegance2Neutral-Elegance1
Spring Umbrellas by Masha D’yansSpringUmbrellas1SpringUmbrellas3SpringUmbrellas2
What’s your favorite? You know the drill…comment below and let us know for a chance to win fat quarters of YOUR favorite collection. Winner will be announced on Tuesday 6/21 in the afternoon. Thanks for looking and HAPPY SEWING!

24 thoughts on “November 2011 Collections Preview!

  1. I really love Neutral Elegance so relaxing and rich looking, but the kid in this 59 year old loves Froggin, it just makes me smile!

  2. I am delighted by Sue Zipkin’s new “Froggin” collection! I the bright love the colors and the adorable frogs and snails and bubbles! I hope I win this collection!

  3. Spring Umbrellas! November is way too long to wait for this beautiful line. Thank you for continuing to carry Masha’s artwork!

  4. Hard to choose between Spring Umbrellas and Neutral Elegance. The latter surprises me coming from the Joined at the Hip team–don’t usually think of them doing those kinds of fabric colorways. I’d have to choose Spring Umbrellas, though. Bright, bright, bright.

  5. Spring Umbrellas is my 1st choice but Neutral Elegance runs a very close 2nd. And the frogs are adorable. I see all three being hard to get due to popularity
    Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  6. Oh hard to choose. But I think Froggin is the way to go. So many lovely fabric combos. They’re bright, ideal for spring and summer. BTW love the way you present them, like a mood board, makes it easy to see how things look together.

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