Holiday Gift Bag: No Wrapping Required

No wrapping paper around to wrap your gifts?  No worries!  If you’re like me, a bona fide fabric addict,  you probably have a stash of fabric just waiting to be used in some sort of project.  Why not put some of that fabric to use in making  gift bags used in place of wrapping paper for your gifts this holiday season?  Pictured above are 2 bags using Clothworks Christmas fabrics of the past- some Laurel Burch and some Not Even a Mouse by Cary Phillips, both made by our ‘Sewing Machine Queen’ Jean.  What I like about this gift bag idea is that it’s eco-friendly & re-usable- cutting down on paper consumption, and very personalized- with a plethora of fabric combinations to be used to make them for that special someone.  Jean found this pattern in the latest edition of Stitch Gifts 2014 magazine, the holiday gift edition, now on the news stands.

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