Everything Blue Blocks Transformed!

QOV before sashing

Before we close out the year here at Clothworks, we’re excited to show off some progress that’s been made with those Everything Blue quilt blocks.  Last time we posted, we were playing around with the layout of these blocks, as shown in the picture above, preparing to make 2 quilts from all of the lovely block entries into the Everything Blue Block Hop.  Once the quilts are completed, we will be donating them to the Quilts of Valor Foundation, a charitable organization that gives quilts to veterans and soldiers who have served our country.

Both of our expert quilters:  Toni, sample room extraordinaire, and Bonnie, who works in design, have worked their magic– sashing, cornerstones, borders, and even flat piping details have all been stitched with love to create TWO amazing quilt tops!   We’re pleased to present you with the current progress on our quilts.  Feast your eyes……


Below is a close up pic showing that fun pop of red in the flat piping used between the sashed quilt blocks and the wider border:

red flat piping detail QOV

And here’s a full view of the 2nd quilt top:


Check back on The Works to see further progress on these quilts!

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