What’s Cookin’ at The Works: Holiday Cookie Exchange

Cookie Exchange in Tin

Lately, if you’ve been following our posts about the Soup of the Week Club here at The Works, then you know we love to eat around here!  One of the traditions that I look forward to around the holidays at Clothworks is the Cookie Exchange!!!  The participants bring in their favorite cookies (some of them being family heirloom recipes), set them out on the table,  and then each person goes around the table to scoop up a few cookies each for their tin to take back home with them to enjoy.  It’s a great way to exchange family traditions, memories, and tasty treats.  What’s even better is that we all walk away with a nice mix of different sweets- some brownies, some cookies, something for everyone!!

This year’s contributions are:

*  Meringues from Candice

*  Chocolate & Peppermint Brownies from Angela

*  Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies from Miryam

*  Rosettes from Zoey

*  ‘Grinches’ (red- and green-colored sugar cookies)  from Debbie

*  Pizzelles from Stephanie

*  Michael’s Snickerdoodles from Susan (with help from her husband, Michael)

Cookie Exchange Collage

What kind of holiday traditions do you look forward to around this time of year?

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