Call of the Wild: African Savannah to make a Stampede!

African Safari Close Up PicNow that the holidays have come & gone, here’s a new Clothworks fabric collection that will surely make you pounce on the New Year.  Clothworks is gearing up for the delivery of the first fabric collection by one of our newest designers, Eugene Smith.  His debut collection, African Savannah,  is set to ship out in the near future to your favorite local fabric shop. No need to dig out your passport or get your immunizations updated.  You can take a ‘sew-fari’ from the safe comfort of your sewing nook!  The majestic scenery of the African Savannah is perfectly captured in fabric form.  Zebra, giraffe, cheetah, and tossed animal prints will surely appeal to your wild side. The savannah motifs, border stripes, and animal block prints are so exquisitely rendered…..who needs to visit the Serengeti?!!

Just check out these lovely samples to inspire you on your sewing journey….

This quilt pattern pictured here is called ‘Rough Stones’ by A Quilter’s Dream. Sample made by Jean Roscoe.

African Savannah - A Quilters Dream REVISED

It may be a jungle out there, but you can always brave it in style with this lovely bag. This bag pattern is called ‘Sausalito’ is by A Quilter’s Dream.  Sample made by Nina Pulliam with a little help from Jean Roscoe.

African Savannah Purse UP CLOSE

African Savannah Purse

Ooooo wait! Did I just hear the roar of a lion and the stampede of the elephant?  Oh no…..that’s just my sewing machine!!

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