On a Mission with Gifts Made from Clothworks

Senegal mission trip photo 1

Just the other day, one of our local customers came in to shop our warehouse and brought us some fun show & tell!  Joey, who operates a cottage business, called Heart of a Child, making handmade goods, paid us a visit at Clothworks.  She was just gushing with excitement after having spent one of the most amazing Christmas breaks abroad!!  When most people think of spending Christmas abroad, skiing in Switzerland or lounging on the beach in Tahiti might be a few examples that come to mind.  Not for Joey.  Sure, her trip did take place in an exotic locale, but it had a very special purpose.  This past Christmas, Joey and her husband, spent their holiday in a village in Senegal on the continent of Africa.

Seven years ago, Joey’s church, Mountain View Presbyterian in Marysville,WA, adopted a village in Senegal and made it their mission to help the Wolof people who inhabit the area.  Every few years, groups from Joey’s church would make mission trips to help clothe, feed, build shelters, and provide medical supplies for the people of the village.  (Go to this link to read more about their mission and the village in Senegal.)  In fact, about four years ago, Joey’s husband took part in a mission trip to the village to help plumb water.  When Joey picked him up from the airport upon his return, he was just ecstatic and overcome by the fantastic feelings of aiding this village that he turned to Joey and said he’s going back and taking her with him!

The next mission trip that Joey and her husband thought they could realistically make with the church would literally ‘touch down’ in Senegal on Christmas Eve 2013.  Joey’s new mission, besides the mission trip headed to their adopted village, was to raise enough money for her husband and her to make the trip from Seattle to Senegal.  Leave it to Clothworks to help Joey in her fundraising ventures!!  Joey immediately got to work turning her purchases she’s made while shopping in the Clothworks warehouse into beautiful well-made aprons and oven mitts.  She signed up and attended as many craft shows around the area, selling these wares, and advertised that she was raising money to make a mission trip to Senegal.  Astoundingly, mission was accomplished in a matter of months, and Joey & her husband were booked for their mission trip!

And what a special mission trip this was…. Joey and her husband, along with another couple from the church, landed in Senegal on Christmas Eve, heading to their village, bearing gifts!  One of the village family’s wishes was to start a cake decorating business, and the church was so generous enough to buy them an oven.  Coincidentally, Joey, who also runs a catering business on the side, brought the family catering supplies to help get them started!  And as you can see from the pictures, Joey used her sewing talents and made each of the little outfits as gifts for some of the children in the village, too.  Can you spot what fabric that is?  Why it’s Gypsy by Skipping Stones Studios, made by Clothworks!!  From Seattle to Senegal, Clothworks fabric knows no bounds!

Senegal Mission Photo 2

To listen to a speech about the recent mission trip made by Joey & her husband and other members from Mountain View Presbyterian, head on over to this link.

Have you ever made something charitable out of Clothworks fabric and have a special story to tell?  We’d love to hear it!  Please leave us a comment.

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