We Won! Seahawks Victory!

Seahawks Collage

It’s party-time up here in Seattle where Clothworks is based!  If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know yet, the Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl Victory ever!  We defeated the challenging team, the Denver Broncos, in a landslide victory, 43- 8!  The Seahawks were on fire in last night’s game, and perhaps the 12th Man (the loyal ‘Loud and Proud’ Seahawk fanbase) had a little help in spurring on the Hawks for the win!

We definitely got into the spirit here at Clothworks and showed our true colors!  Joyce made a 12th Man Flag using the Clothworks Moire basics (photo in the upper right square).  The photo below that is of Delphi the office dog, who rose to the occasion and donned Hawks colors in his handkerchief.  Stephanie (that’s me) made her ‘Healthy 12th Man Salad’ (pic below Delphi) to fuel her and her friends in cheering on the Hawks during the Super Bowl!  And to the left of that pic is Boeing’s contribution to Hawks fever:  a 747-8 freighter decked out in Seahawk insignia & flying colors which made a special flight in the shape of a ’12’ over the state of Washington last Thursday, January 30th.  Above the plane picture is the victorious front page of today’s edition of the Seattle Times, showing Russell Wilson, star Quarterback, holding the Vince Lombardi trophy with a proud coach Pete Carroll!  Way to go HAWKS!!

Here’s the recipe to the Stephanie’s Healthy 12th Man Salad:

*  2 large containers of blueberries- rinsed

*  1 Large bunch of mint- rinsed, leaves removed & chopped coursely

*  1 lime- juiced

*  2 tablespoons honey

*  slivered almonds

Add blueberries and chopped mint to a bowl and mix together.  In a separate bowl, briskly whisk the lime juice and honey, pour over the the blueberries & mint.  Garnish with slivered almonds on top in the shape of a ’12’.

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