Everything Blue Blocks: Quilted to Perfection!

Everything Blue Quilts CollageGood things may come in small packages, but last Friday here at Clothworks, it came in a large brown box addressed from one of our talented long arm quilters.  If you’ve been following The Works these past few months, maybe you’ve witnessed the transformation of the Everything Blue Block Hop Blocks- from block contributions, to quilt layout, to piecing, and now finally, quilt completion!  Most of you quilters out there know that feeling when you receive your quilt back from the long arm quilter– you feel like the most anxious child at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, just waiting to tear open a present under the tree!!  It’s a truly joyous experience to see your quilt finally completed with backing, quilting, and finished edges.  We felt no differently when we opened our big brown box addressed from our long arm quilter, Loretta Orsborn of Orsborn Specialty Quilting.

Loretta did a fantastic job on the quilting– I hope I captured the gorgeous design below that she created on her long arm machine.  I love how it mimics the scrolly & viney motifs that dominate the essence of the Everything Blue fabric collection by Marsha McCloskey.  Do check out Loretta’s site to see more of her talented long arm work.

up close pic of quilting- everything blue

To refresh your memory, after seeing a poignant news story by Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News about the Quilts of Valor foundation, we decided to take all of the block contributions in the Everything Blue Block Hop and make not just one, but two quilts to donate to this fantastic organization.  A big thank you goes out to all of the talented contributors of the Everything Blue blocks, as well as our resident quilting experts Toni B. and Bonnie who did the layout and piecing, and Loretta Orsborn, the long arm quilter.  Now that the quilts are finally completed, they’re ready to ship off to the Quilts of Valor foundation where they will go home with a brave soldier who so valiantly served our country. And who couldn’t salute that?!!!

EB Quilt 1 Framed

EB Quilt 2 Framed

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