Oh What a Difference a Colorway Makes!

full quilt

Ever notice how much a different colorway can change the look of a quilt?  Just the other day, Jean- our talented seamstress friend, brought in 2 baby quilts made using the same quilt pattern.  Pardon me for not catching the name of the pattern, but Jean said she found it in a book by Mary Hickey.  The fabrics she used are, of course, by Clothworks– the most recent release of a Clothworks printed organic fabric collection, Critter Patch by Penguin & Fish.  Jean had completely finished one colorway of the quilts, the one shown above with turquoise being the dominant color used in it.   I managed to take some close-up pictures to illustrate the difference in colorways and how it affects our perception.

Below is the Coral dominant colorway Quilt.  Though not completely finished, I snapped a close-up view to show how different this version looks compared to the Turquoise quilt:

Coral colorway fox quilt

And here’s the close-up view of the Turquoise quilt for comparison:


Kind of neat to see the difference in colorway!  And what perfect blocks to highlight the whimsical animals in Critter Patch, too!

How about you?  Have you ever made the same quilt pattern in different color ways and notice a difference?

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