Crafty Tutorial Part 2: Upcycled Travel Purse

African Savannah Travel Bag Front and with pouch

Hello again!  Back for the 2nd installment in the upcycled Travel Purse tutorial by Joyce.  Follow the next batch of instructions below as you begin to create this fun purse using fabric from the Clothworks collection African Savannah.

Size and Finish the Zipper

  1. Start by sizing the zipper. Mark either end of the zipper so they are 6 1/2” apart. I like to take a longer zipper and mark the measurement in the middle of the zipper. This eliminates either end (the metal parts) of the zipper. Set the stitch width to the widest setting, drop your feed dog lever and sew across the zipper teeth at the markings. Make sure the zipper pull is between the two markings. You will need to hold the open end of the zipper together until you have a few stitches sewn on. Sew again 1/8” from the first set of stitches – sew on the outer edges keeping the inner measurement of the zipper at 6 ½”. Trim zipper ¼” from sewn edge.
  2. Finish by sewing the Zipper Ends to both ends of the zipper. Place right sides of fabric together with the zipper between them. Match up the ends and sew ½” seam allowance across the zipper. Sew again at 3/8”. Press both sides of the fabric away from the middle of the zipper.

zipper 1

zipper 2

Create the Inside Pocket and Front

  1. Using a zipper foot and right sides together, sew the Purse Front to the zipper front on the 7 ¾” top edge. Stitch across the entire edge catching the finished zipper ends. The zipper pull will need to be moved as you sew in order to pass it. Do this by lifting the presser foot and either zip or unzip. Return the presser foot to the down position and continue to the end.
  2. Sew the Pocket Lining to the zipper along the same edge as the Pocket front. Right side of pocket should face the wrong side of the zipper and right side of the Purse Front. Press both Front and Lining away from the zipper and topstitch on the fabric 1/8” from the edge of the zipper.
  3. To sew the opposite side of the Pocket Lining to the other side of the zipper, fold the fabric up and match the right side of the fabric to the wrong side of the zipper. Stitch along the edge using the zipper foot.inside pocket 1inside pocket 2inside pocket 3inside pocket 4
  4. Stitch the Flap Lining to the zipper, right sides together. Make sure to stitch from one edge to the other catching the Zipper Ends in the stitching.
  5. Press the Flap Lining away from the zipper and top stitch on the fabric 1/8” from the zipper.
  6. Fold the lining piece right sides together and stitch the top edge to the wrong side of the zipper.
See you next Friday with PART 3 of the Crafty Tutorial for the upcycled Travel Purse!

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