Crafty Tutorial Part 3: Upcycled Travel Purse

African Savannah Travel Bag Front and with pouch

Greetings fellow crafters!  We are back with the 3rd installment of Crafty Tutorial: Upcycled Travel Purse by Joyce.  As the completion of this tutorial is almost near, you will start to see a purse creation emerge.  After this portion of the tutorial, check back next week for the final steps in finishing this fashionably functional travel purse made of the Clothworks fabric, African Savannah.

Create Tabs for the Hardware

create tabs collage

  1. Cut a piece of fabric 7” long x 3 ½ times the width of the hardware straight edge.
  2. Cut a piece of canvas or other bottom weight fabric the same width of the hardware straight edge.
  3. Fold one edge over ¼” and press. Put the canvas on wrong side of the fabric and fold the fabric around the canvas piece so that the pressed edge is on the outside. Stitch lengthwise 2 or 3 times.
  4. Cut this piece in half. Wrap it around the hardware and top stitch 1” from the hardware.

Finish Purse Body

  1. Sew the Flap Lining to the top of the right side of the zipper. Press the lining away from the zipper and top stitch along zipper teeth.
  2. With right sides together,place the Flap Front and Purse Back to the finished Zipper Front.

finish purse 1 Collage3.  Stitch the body of the purse. Start slightly above the zipper, sew down the side, across the bottom and up the other side to slightly past the zipper. Be sure to back stitch when starting and ending. Stitch a second time 1/16” from the first stitching line on the inside edge.

4.  Next you will need to stitch the flap front and lining together. Ultimately it would be nice to have the lining be slightly smaller than the outside. This prevents bunching when the flap is sewn down. To do this, make sure the lining is approximately 1/8” shorter than the Flap Front. Trim if needed.

5.  Pin the pieces together so the top is even. Pin the sides about 2 ½” down on either side. The front of the purse will now be bunchy in the middle right above the zipper and the lining will be taut.

6.  Starting 4” above the zipper sew up the side, across the top and down the other side ending 2 ½” above the zipper. Stitch a second time 1/16” from the first stitching line on the inside edge. Press seams, trim corners and turn right side out. Finger press.

finishe purse 2 Collage

See you next Friday for the final installment of the tutorial!

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