What’s Cookin’ at the Works: Soup’s On!

avgolemono soup

Though Spring is almost around the corner like the calendar says, March can still be a chilly, brisk month.  This week was my turn to bring in soup for Soup of the Week Club here at The Works.  In hopes of taking everyone away from the soggy Pacific Northwest to the warm, sun-drenched Greek island of Santorini, I brought Avgolemono soup.  This basic soup consists of orzo pasta, chicken broth, and chicken bits.  Looks are deceiving, though.  A carefully whisked mixture of lemon juice and eggs adds the tangy flavor and thick, creamy texture of this soup.  Pure comfort and joy in a cup, I tell ya!

To add to the Greek fare, I paired this soup with a spread of hummus, pita, kalamata olives, and a Horiatiki salad to meet the daily veggie serving, too!

My big fat greek lunch spread

Just short of a Greek Feast (minus the baklava), everyone’s stomachs were saying ‘OPA!’ by the end of lunch!

To get the recipe for the Avgolemono Soup, follow this link.

To get the recipe for the Horiatiki Salad, follow this link.

See you next week for another installment of Soup’s On at the Works!

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