25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 10

web_photo_for-zoey-11It’s Day 10 on the AMB Blog Tour and we’re just about to wrap up Week 2 of our tour!!  After today’s travels, we can cross off 20 states on our list!!!  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?!  As we close out the week on today’s journey, we’ll be doing the North-South criss-cross for today’s portion of the itinerary.

For our First Stop of Day 10, I think we have come to a cross roads, my friends.  In fact, that’s our next State’s motto, ‘The Cross Roads of America’, due to the fact that it has more miles of Interstate Highway per square mile than any other State in the US.  For more than 200 years, this state has most certainly seen its fair share of travelers.  At one point, twelve different stagecoach lines ran through this State on the National Road, now called U.S. Interstate 40.  And the Studebaker Company based here in this State was the nation’s largest producer of horse-drawn wagons, which later became a multimillion-dollar automobile manufacturer.  But there’s one more ‘auto’-related event that definitely puts this State on the map.   I think with all the mileage we’ve been accruing on our AMB Blog Tour Road Trip, we could run laps around it, too!  If you guessed the Indy 500 as the answer, then you’re the winner!!  And by now you’ve probably guessed that we’re headed to Indiana as our First Stop of Day 10!!!  I’d love to introduce you to Sarah of the blog {no} hats in the house, representing her beautiful state of Indiana.  Please be sure to check out her license place block!

blogger nhith


After spending some time in the ‘hittin’ the road’ in the state of Indiana, our wheels are most certainly on fire!  Maybe this is a good time to cool off and follow Old Man River down to the Second Stop of Day 10.  After all, it’s almost summer and a float down this iconic river would be a fun way to travel and see more of this country from a different perspective. This is indeed America’s largest river; literally flowing with energy that has inspired and touched so many in our great nation!!  Appropriately enough on our journey, we’re headed to the State that claims one of its cities to be the ‘Cotton Capital of the World’!!  And what other State could claim the following people as famous citizens:  Elvis, Oprah, Jim Henson, John Grisham, Tennessee Williams, Tammy Wynette, and B.B. King??  Why Mississippi, of course!  I’m pleased to introduce you to Julia of the blog Life as a Quilter.  Please do check out her lovely license plate block!

Blog Header 4


Day 10 and Week 2 have come to an end on our tour!  We’ll be taking a little breather this weekend, then back at it for more fun times on Monday, June 2nd!  Thanks to all who have been faithfully following us, as well as some of the new folks who have ‘hitched a ride’ along the way!  See you next week for the beginning of Week 3 of the AMB Blog Tour!

25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 9

web_photo_for-zoey-11Welcome back to another lovely day on the AMB Blog Tour, my fellow road-trippers!  Are you having as much fun as I am?  It’s been quite a journey to say the least– meeting our truly talented state representatives along the way while we indulge ourselves in their local culture.  I’m learning so many new things I never knew about this beautiful country, too!!  It’s hard to believe we still have 3 more weeks to go!  So let’s get this show on the road today for Day 9!

For our First Stop of Day 9, we’ll be traveling back up north through Kentucky again and across the river to the state just north of the border.  With all the driving we’ve been doing lately, it might be a good time to get a new set of tires.  Lucky for us, we’ve come to the State that’s home to The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, founded by Charles Goodyear inventor of vulcanized rubber.  And while we wait for our new tires, there’s plenty of things to do here!!  We could get in touch with our inner rockstar and visit The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or cheer on our favorite team at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  And since it’s Spring, maybe we could catch a Reds or Indians Game.  Or be a daredevil and visit one of the roller coaster theme parks- Cedar Point or Kings Island, anyone?  Better yet, let’s just meet our next guest blogger, who just happens to be a collaborator of American Made Brand.  It’s my sincerest pleasure to introduce you to Heather Jones, of the blog olive and ollie.  And if you haven’t figured out what state we’re in- here’s a little riddle:  What’s hi in the middle and round on the ends?  O-HI-O!

spring header gellasenheit

With a new set of wheels on the car, it’s time to pile back in and head to our next destination.  I loved visiting Ohio, ‘The Heart of It All!’, but I’m ready to check out our next stop.  If the slogan of our next State hints at what we’re about to encounter, ‘Come As You Are; Leave Different’, I’m filled with suspense!  After all, this is the State that brought us JAZZ…can any other place toot their horn to that?!!  Not only will the music get your heart beating, but I hear the food will put a little spice in your life!  Our next State is the home of the spicy hot pepper sauce, Tabasco sauce, which holds the second oldest food trademark in the US Patent Office.  It’s also the number one producer in the country of crawfish, alligator, shallots and is home to the oldest rice mill in the USA, too.  Mmmmm…all this talk is making me hungry…. JAMBALAYA, anyone??!  If you haven’t guessed by now where we’re headed to for the  Second Stop of Day 9, it’s beautiful Louisiana!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mary of Fleur de Lis Quilts.  Not only will she serve up a SUPER size helping of Southern Hospitality, but she offers this teaser for her license plate block creation:  ‘What’s the (new) name of the Louisiana Superdome?’  Check her blog to find out!

fleur de lis quilts & accessories

Day 9 of the AMB Blog Tour was most certainly a ‘trip’.  I’m beat from all of that gallivanting down in the Big Easy!!  Time to call it a day, get some rest, and continue on our travels tomorrow.   We’ll be back to another North-South jaunt across the country again for Day 10 of our tour.

25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 8

web_photo_for-zoey-11 Lately on the AMB Blog Tour, we’ve been traveling up and down the Eastern seaboard and around the beautiful New England region of the USA!  As we continue on our journey for Day 8 of the tour, it’s time to head West–to ‘bluer’ pastures, in our next State’s case, to the Bluegrass State!

It’s fitting that we make this State our First Stop of Day 8, as there were many ‘firsts’ celebrated here.  First off, even though it was the 15th State to join the Union, it was the first State of the ‘Western frontier’.  The first enamel bathtub was made in this state back in 1856.  In 1883, taking place in this State, Thomas Edison unveiled to the public for the very first time his invention for an electric light bulb at the Southern Exposition.  And back in 1887, Teacher Mary S. Wilson observed the first Mother’s Day in this State, which eventually became a national holiday in 1916.  These are just a few of the most famous ‘firsts’ to which this State has the bragging rights.  If you guessed Kentucky as our First Stop of Day 8, then you are the winner!  Please meet our lovely representative, Sandy, of the blog Simply Sandy, and check out her beautiful license plate block. simply sandy blog header

Continuing on to our Second Stop of Day 8, we won’t need to travel too far– just across the border.  Believe it or not, this state is known as one of the most neighborly states in the Union, sharing borders with 8 different states.  Appropriately enough for our American Made Brands blog tour, the largest populated city in this State was made an important port city on the Mississippi due to its connection with cotton.  Even in this modern age, the Cotton Exchange still handles about one third of the cotton crop here in the USA.  With the Grand Ole Opry broadcast live from this State continuously since 1925, it’s no wonder that the town of Bristol, located in this state, owns the title of the ‘Birthplace of Country Music!’  The King’s estate, (that’s Elvis’s Graceland) comes in second place as the most visited house in the USA (first place goes to the White House).   So with all of these clues, it can only mean we’re ‘Walkin’ in Memphis’ and headed to beautiful Tennessee!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sarah of the blog, Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Please check out her license plate creation.

new header 3A_edited-1

It sure has been fun making the trek west today, to a new frontier on our journey.  With all that we’ve packed in so far, remember to save room for another slice of Americana, we’re nearly a third of the way into our AMB Blog Tour.  Check back tomorrow as we head North and South of the Mason-Dixon Line…all in a day!

25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 7


Today is Day 7 of the AMB Blog Tour and lucky for us, we’re going to keep cruising around the East Coast.  Today we’re headed to two beautiful States in the New England area and will be meeting with some super crafty ladies to check out their lovely license plate creations!

Yesterday we ended Day 6 of the tour on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina, exploring the trails and lighthouses scattered across the coast.  Today for our First Stop of Day 7, we’ll continue up the coast to visit a State with more idyllic lighthouses such as the Point Judith Lighthouse.  With the ocean being a natural source of inspiration,  it’s no wonder that we’ll be meeting up with Tina who writes the blog Seaside Stitches.  Last week, I spied a teaser post on her blog showing the color selection she’s using in her license plate block.  Inspired by the colors of things found on the beach- sand and sea glass, I’m anxious to see what she creates!!  If you haven’t already guessed, we’re headed to the lovely state of Rhode Island!


We’re definitely getting our fair share of beach-time on this tour.  No complaints here- I love the feeling of sand in between my toes when I take a stroll down the beach!  But all good things must come to an end!  Time to get back in the car and back in touch with our inner landlubber.  For the Second Stop of Day 7, we’ll be traveling  inward- to The Green Mountains and to greener pastures.  Believe it or not, this State boasts a population with a higher ratio of dairy cows to human beings.  No wonder we’re headed to the Home of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!  If you haven’t guessed already, we’re on our way to scenic Vermont!  And hopefully we’ll catch up with Marsha of Quilter in Motion, who also hits the open road and quilts as she goes–at the same time!  This license plate quilt block challenge should be a piece of cake for her, right?!



Well there ya have it– from the sea to the mountains– we’ve covered a lot on Day 7 of the AMB Blog Tour.  Check back tomorrow as we continue on course- to the Bluegrass State and the Volunteer State!





25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 6


Greetings, my road trip friends!!  Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready to hit the pavement for another week of fun-filled travels!!  Today is Day 6 of the AMB Blog Tour and the beginning of Week 2!  Yippee!  We’ll continue our jaunt on the East Coast for today’s itinerary.

Departing  from our last stop in Virginia, we’ll head North on the open road.  Time to look under the seat cushions and dig deep in your pockets for spare change, because the State on our First Stop of Day 6 boasts the longest toll road in the United States!!  The Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway is a whopping 641 miles long!!  Another fun fact about this State is that it was the first to require cars to have a license plate.  Wonder if a license plate made of American Made Brand solids would pass?!  Legal or not, Michele of the blog quiltsfrommycrayonbox.blogspot.com, definitely has a license plate block that passes the Clothworks Road Test!!  And if you guessed New York State as our first stop of  Week 2- bravo!!

New blog header-002

New York was a grand place to visit, but time to pile back in the car and head South to beautiful beaches, no less.  New York may have been the first state to require a license plate, but our next state was the first in flight.  Our Second Stop of Day 6 has a mix of mountains and beaches:  with the Appalachian Mountains stretching down the western side of the state, and gorgeous beaches creating the coastal border on the eastern side.  No wonder you’d want to get a birds-eye view of the lovely natural scenery!  The little town of Kitty Hawk is where it all began over 110 years ago, with the Wright Brothers making the first successful powered flight by man.  Patty, ambassador of….you guessed it, North Carolina, tells me that you can still walk along this path from takeoff to landing, while also exploring the beautiful lighthouses on the nearby beaches.  Ooh, I’m anxious to see what Patty’s license plate creation looks like…..so please head on over to her blog at A Stitch in Time!!


Woweee!!  Another action-packed, fun day of touring has come to an end!  Check back tomorrow for more traveling thrills on Day 7 of the AMB Blog Tour!




25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 5


We’re on to Day 5 of the AMB Blog Tour and it’s hard to believe Week 1 is coming to an end!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having fun going here, there, and everywhere around the beautiful U. S. of A!  We’re so lucky to have met some new friends along the way.  Not only do our blogger friends shine with amazing talent, they have welcomed us with open arms to their beautiful states and have each given us a little taste of the local culture!  The license plate blocks we’ve spotted so far on the tour are quite impressive– I’m so taken with the amount of thought, design, and detail that went into creating them.  Well done, ladies!!

As we move on to our First Stop of Day 5, we follow the ‘fabric trail’, almost literally!  Way back in the 1800’s, the economy of our next State was rich in the textile industry!  As I discovered in my research, back in 1828 at the Dover Cotton Factory, 400 mill workers (all being women), went on strike, enacting the first women’s strike in the U.S.  Perhaps they were living up to the state motto, ‘Live Free or Die‘.  If you guessed New Hampshire, then bingo!!  Please meet Victoria of parkhill.blogspot.com and visit her blog to see what license plate creation she made!


Now for our Second Stop of Day 5 and Final Stop of Week 1, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be visiting a gal who’s something of a celebrity  in the quilting world.

Do you recognize this talented lady below?


I’ll leave it up to our blogger to make the introduction.  After all, she is the ‘Voice of Quilting.‘  In her own words:  “Pat Sloan travels around the world giving talks, teaching and interviewing quilters. But there is one state she calls ‘Home’. Pat landed in Virginia over 30 years ago and even though you will find her traveling around the world, when she goes home to quilt, it’s in Virginia.”  Check out Pat’s lovely license plate creation at her blog patsloan.typepad.com!!   5/23/14 Update:  Please note, as of 12:00 pm EST we have heard from our sources that typepad.com has been down.

**If the blog is not loading, check back in a few hours. Typepad is having a technical issue**


Well there you have it!  Week 1 is a wrap on the AMB Blog Tour.  We’ll take the weekend off, but pick up our journey on Monday May 26th, Memorial Day…..traffic be darned!



25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 4


Day 4 of the AMB Blog Tour is here and so far, we’ve criss-crossed the country, have taken you to some beautiful destinations, and have introduced you to some super crafty bloggers.  For today’s journey, we’ll continue our travels down the beautiful Eastern seaboard.

On our First Stop of Day 4, after practically living in the car for the past 4 days, we could use a little fresh air; maybe an ocean breeze!  As our next blogger friend put it, ‘There are few things in life as special as enjoying a day on the Chesapeake Bay….”  Meet Dawn of springwaterdesigns.blogspot.com and check out her license plate creation depicting a relaxing recreational activity that many residents of this State are lucky to enjoy!  Welcome to Maryland!


It sure was fun to ‘sail away’ for a bit, but time to get back in the car and head to our next destination.  For Day 4’s Second Stop, we’ll continue to travel south to a state known for its iconic trees.  In fact, these trees are more than just an emblem, they actually put up a defense against the British during Revolutionary times.  If you guessed the Palmetto tree, then gold star for you!  Brownie points to you if you figured out that we’re heading to South Carolina!  With the warmest Southern hospitality, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kristin of thecraftyquilter.blogspot.com.  Check out the link to her blog to view her beautiful license plate entry.


Tomorrow is Day 5 of the AMB Blog Tour and do you believe it….. the end of Week 1 on the tour!  We’ve covered a lot of mileage, but plan to stick around on the East Coast.  Check back here at the Works to see where we wind up!



25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 3


Greetings fellow road warriors!!  We’re into Day 3 of the AMB Blog Tour, and we’ve already done a cross-country trek from Georgia to Idaho!  It was a blast to travel the wild west, but now it’s time to head ‘back East’ as they say!  So back in the car we go and onward ho!

Our original itinerary had us going from Idaho to Connecticut, but sometimes it’s just more adventurous to veer off course!  For the First Stop on Day 3 of our tour we’re headed to the beautiful state of Alabama!  Here’s a fun fact I learned about Alabama:  The world’s first electric trolley system was introduced in Montgomery in 1886.  Who needs a car when you can go green and ride the trolley?!!  Speaking of green…..It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our next guest blogger, Julia of greenquilts.blogspot.com!



From Day 2’s trip from Idaho to today’s First Stop in Alabama, we’re glad you’ve stuck it out for the long haul.  Let’s travel north and back up to the East Coast for the Second Stop of  Day 3 on the tour.  If inventor Elias Howe, resident of certain capital city (Boston, ahem!) in our next State, had not invented the first sewing machine back in 1845, I’m not sure where we’d all be, eh?!  Let’s check in with Jen of aquiltingjewel.blogspot.com, representing Massachusetts, and see what kind of license plate creation she’s sewn together!

A Quilting Jewel Logo Long 2

Good thing the State dessert for Massachusetts is the Boston Cream Pie, because after all the driving we’ve done, we all deserve a piece!!  See you tomorrow for Day 4 of the AMB Blog Tour!


25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 2


Are we having fun yet!!?  Today we’ve got quite a journey in store.  So get comfy, do some stretches before climbing back into the station wagon, and let’s hit the road!

Leaving Pennsylvania, we’re heading down south to a State that is known for its sweet peaches!  Not only is this place brimming with  peach trees, but it’s steeped in the tradition of story-telling.  On Day 2 of the AMB Blog Tour, we make our first stop in the lovely state of Georgia!  Our next guest blogger has combined the rich elements that Georgia offers to create a truly creative license plate block.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Diane of butterflythreadsquilting.com where you can check out her inspiration for her block.

BTQ Banner Lime w buttons

Ok, now we’re in for quite a long drive.  From Georgia, we’ll be zipping across the the country all the way to a state that’s quite a gem, and that’s just its nickname!  Situated amongst some of the most rugged terrain in America, surrounded by mountains and boasting the deepest gorge in the country, we make our second stop of Day 2 in the great State of Idaho!  Interesting fact about Idaho–Idaho state law may forbid its citizens to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds, but it can’t stop these two sisters, Corrie and Des, from living the sweet life!  Head to their blog quilttaffy.blogspot.com to see what they’ve cooked up with for their license plate design!!

Taffy Talk Blog 3


We’ve made it through Day 2 on the AMB Blog Tour.  Indeed it was a long trip, but we hope you’ll come back tomorrow for more fun and thrills along the way!

25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 1


Roll up, roll up, roll up for the AMB Blog Tour!

At long last, today is the first day we depart on a virtual road trip to all 50 States t0 honor the release of our newest solid fabric line, American Made Brand.  From today, May 19th through June 20th, we’ll be making stops in 2 States daily.  As we visit each State, we’ll be mingling with the locals, or in this case, making friends with some super-crafty bloggers who are distinguished representatives of their States in the USA.  The Clothworks crew has given our blogger friends a unique challenge.  With the debut of our American Made Brand fabrics, we couldn’t think of a better way to show off these stunning cotton solids (grown and produced here in the USA) than have each blogger design a quilt block using AMB solids.  And not just any quilt block.  Remember, we’re on a road trip, now!!  And what might you do passing the time driving on the highway across the country?  You guessed it!  Play the license plate game!

Our chosen bloggers have a few requirements to meet when making their license plate quilt blocks.  Finished block sizes will match an actual license plate size at 12” x 6”, incorporate their State’s name, and use American Made Brand fabric.  Given free reign to craft something amazing and creative license to design, we’re anxious to see what kinds of license plate blocks our talented bloggers create!!  So, hop on the AMB Blog Tour with us and check in with our new bloggers each day.  Follow along for the next 25 days, excluding weekends, as we cruise through the Home of the Brave across the Information Super Highway!   The fun doesn’t stop there!!  There will be chances to win some American Made Brand solid fabric when you visit our bloggers’ sites.  So buckle up, and let the inspiration mooooovvvvve you!

………And we’re off!!

Oh where, oh where will we make our First Stop on the tour?  Why, Delaware, of course!  After all, it’s the first State to ratify the United States Constitution on December 7, 1787.   It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lyanna who is revealing her license plate block design here on her blog bluestripedroom.wordpress.com.


And now on to our Second Stop for today.  We’ll go easy on the commute as this State shares a semi-circular border with Delaware.  And being that we’re on the AMB Blog Tour— Did you know that it was the first State in the nation to list its website URL on its license plate?  If you guessed Pennsylvania as our next stop- high fives to you!  Meet Cheryl of cheryllynchquilts.blogspot.com and check out her state license plate block!




Safe travels and get plenty of rest tonight as we’re in for quite a journey tomorrow during Day 2!  Take a peek at the itinerary here and see you then!