Fabric Built for Speed: A Revved-Up Show & Tell

scarf and jacket with Triumph logo

Would you ever consider heading out on the highway clad in fabric from a collection called ‘Home is In The Kitchen’?  I never would have thought to marry the two, but I think it totally works in this Motorcycle Scarf , shown above.

Dan DiPaolo, designer of Clothworks fabric collections Fresh Eggs & Home is in the Kitchen, shared a bit of the back story on how he opened his email one day to find this amazing picture of the Motorcycle Scarf.  Dan was approached by Matt, a motorcycle enthusiast, who asked for permission to use Dan’s fabric from Home is in the Kitchen in some scarves that he was having made up for sale at a local craft show.  Matt’s brilliant idea all began while out shopping in a local fabric shop (don’t they all!??)  near his home in Nevada.   After spotting the perfect checkered print fabric to suit his motorcycle scarf idea, he bought a bit of yardage and had a seamstress make 2 scarves:  one for him & one for his son.  The scarves were executed so nicely, he knew there’d be a market for them with the local motorcyclist crowd.  Good thing that Matt contacted designer Dan Di Paolo to get clearance to use this fabric, and lucky for us to be treated to such fun show and tell!

front view of home is in the kitchen scarf

Matt was so gracious to allow me to post about his unique scarf.  It’s not all too often to see the quilter crowd mingling with the motorcycle crowd…but, hey, what’s that old saying again– opposites attract? Kudos again to Matt for sending me some more fun pics of his Motorcycle Scarf.  One of my favorites is shown below of the scarf with the leather jacket in the ‘man-cave’- otherwise known as the garage where all the ‘guy stuff’ lives.

moto scarf in garage

Matt had this to say about his Moto-scarf creation:  “Sporting the checkered scarf lets people know you not only like all things Café racer, but you also believe in equality. We believe in not only making things in America ; we want to make them in Carson City NV , U.S.A.”   He further added this about the motorcycle culture, “In our world Ton Up and Done Up means you have done the ton (100mph) on a bike that you have built or customized. We don’t care who manufactured the bike, what country it came from, or how big it is;  it just has to be a Café racer.”  And for you folks out there who do not know what a café racer is, I’m referencing it here on Wikipedia.

And there you have it!  Clothworks Home is in the Kitchen fabric, all ‘Ton Up and Done Up’  in a scarf fit for the road!  Vroom-vroom!!


Speaking of hitting the open road…..

Check back with us at the Works as we’ll be making a special travel-worthy announcement soon!!!

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