Special Travel Announcement: AMB Blog Tour Scheduled!


With school almost out and summer on the horizon, ’tis the season of the road trip!  Here at the Works, we thought we’d bring you our version of a ‘virtual road trip’ (while saving you some gas money, too!)

We’re pleased to announce the American Made Brands Blog Tour departs here at the Works starting May 19th and will tour all 50 states in the Union through June 20th.  We’ll take you from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, crossing purple mountain majesties, underneath the spacious skies- all with a little help from some very talented and crafty bloggers!  Fifty bloggers, each representing one of the states, will be featuring their very own license plate design re-interpreted as a quilt block, using American Made Brand solid fabrics in their design.  Read more about our newest fabric collection, American Made Brands, here at this link.  We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to help promote the debut of our newest solid collection, American Made Brands– 100% cotton fabric which has been grown & produced here in the United States of America!  We hope you can collect as many license plate blocks, if not all 50, to create a truly magnificent quilt.  Almost as nice as a slice of apple pie, eh?

Check the itinerary to see which states we cover each day and mark your calendars for May 19th.  Along with the blog tour, you’ll be able to sign up for American Made Brand fabric giveaways, too!!  And no need to worry about packing up the station wagon, lugging around the cooler, or getting stuck in traffic.  Touring the States will be a breeze on the AMB Blog Tour!


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