25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 1


Roll up, roll up, roll up for the AMB Blog Tour!

At long last, today is the first day we depart on a virtual road trip to all 50 States t0 honor the release of our newest solid fabric line, American Made Brand.  From today, May 19th through June 20th, we’ll be making stops in 2 States daily.  As we visit each State, we’ll be mingling with the locals, or in this case, making friends with some super-crafty bloggers who are distinguished representatives of their States in the USA.  The Clothworks crew has given our blogger friends a unique challenge.  With the debut of our American Made Brand fabrics, we couldn’t think of a better way to show off these stunning cotton solids (grown and produced here in the USA) than have each blogger design a quilt block using AMB solids.  And not just any quilt block.  Remember, we’re on a road trip, now!!  And what might you do passing the time driving on the highway across the country?  You guessed it!  Play the license plate game!

Our chosen bloggers have a few requirements to meet when making their license plate quilt blocks.  Finished block sizes will match an actual license plate size at 12” x 6”, incorporate their State’s name, and use American Made Brand fabric.  Given free reign to craft something amazing and creative license to design, we’re anxious to see what kinds of license plate blocks our talented bloggers create!!  So, hop on the AMB Blog Tour with us and check in with our new bloggers each day.  Follow along for the next 25 days, excluding weekends, as we cruise through the Home of the Brave across the Information Super Highway!   The fun doesn’t stop there!!  There will be chances to win some American Made Brand solid fabric when you visit our bloggers’ sites.  So buckle up, and let the inspiration mooooovvvvve you!

………And we’re off!!

Oh where, oh where will we make our First Stop on the tour?  Why, Delaware, of course!  After all, it’s the first State to ratify the United States Constitution on December 7, 1787.   It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lyanna who is revealing her license plate block design here on her blog bluestripedroom.wordpress.com.


And now on to our Second Stop for today.  We’ll go easy on the commute as this State shares a semi-circular border with Delaware.  And being that we’re on the AMB Blog Tour— Did you know that it was the first State in the nation to list its website URL on its license plate?  If you guessed Pennsylvania as our next stop- high fives to you!  Meet Cheryl of cheryllynchquilts.blogspot.com and check out her state license plate block!




Safe travels and get plenty of rest tonight as we’re in for quite a journey tomorrow during Day 2!  Take a peek at the itinerary here and see you then!

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