25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 4


Day 4 of the AMB Blog Tour is here and so far, we’ve criss-crossed the country, have taken you to some beautiful destinations, and have introduced you to some super crafty bloggers.  For today’s journey, we’ll continue our travels down the beautiful Eastern seaboard.

On our First Stop of Day 4, after practically living in the car for the past 4 days, we could use a little fresh air; maybe an ocean breeze!  As our next blogger friend put it, ‘There are few things in life as special as enjoying a day on the Chesapeake Bay….”  Meet Dawn of springwaterdesigns.blogspot.com and check out her license plate creation depicting a relaxing recreational activity that many residents of this State are lucky to enjoy!  Welcome to Maryland!


It sure was fun to ‘sail away’ for a bit, but time to get back in the car and head to our next destination.  For Day 4’s Second Stop, we’ll continue to travel south to a state known for its iconic trees.  In fact, these trees are more than just an emblem, they actually put up a defense against the British during Revolutionary times.  If you guessed the Palmetto tree, then gold star for you!  Brownie points to you if you figured out that we’re heading to South Carolina!  With the warmest Southern hospitality, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kristin of thecraftyquilter.blogspot.com.  Check out the link to her blog to view her beautiful license plate entry.


Tomorrow is Day 5 of the AMB Blog Tour and do you believe it….. the end of Week 1 on the tour!  We’ve covered a lot of mileage, but plan to stick around on the East Coast.  Check back here at the Works to see where we wind up!



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