25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 5


We’re on to Day 5 of the AMB Blog Tour and it’s hard to believe Week 1 is coming to an end!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having fun going here, there, and everywhere around the beautiful U. S. of A!  We’re so lucky to have met some new friends along the way.  Not only do our blogger friends shine with amazing talent, they have welcomed us with open arms to their beautiful states and have each given us a little taste of the local culture!  The license plate blocks we’ve spotted so far on the tour are quite impressive– I’m so taken with the amount of thought, design, and detail that went into creating them.  Well done, ladies!!

As we move on to our First Stop of Day 5, we follow the ‘fabric trail’, almost literally!  Way back in the 1800’s, the economy of our next State was rich in the textile industry!  As I discovered in my research, back in 1828 at the Dover Cotton Factory, 400 mill workers (all being women), went on strike, enacting the first women’s strike in the U.S.  Perhaps they were living up to the state motto, ‘Live Free or Die‘.  If you guessed New Hampshire, then bingo!!  Please meet Victoria of parkhill.blogspot.com and visit her blog to see what license plate creation she made!


Now for our Second Stop of Day 5 and Final Stop of Week 1, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be visiting a gal who’s something of a celebrity  in the quilting world.

Do you recognize this talented lady below?


I’ll leave it up to our blogger to make the introduction.  After all, she is the ‘Voice of Quilting.‘  In her own words:  “Pat Sloan travels around the world giving talks, teaching and interviewing quilters. But there is one state she calls ‘Home’. Pat landed in Virginia over 30 years ago and even though you will find her traveling around the world, when she goes home to quilt, it’s in Virginia.”  Check out Pat’s lovely license plate creation at her blog patsloan.typepad.com!!   5/23/14 Update:  Please note, as of 12:00 pm EST we have heard from our sources that typepad.com has been down.

**If the blog is not loading, check back in a few hours. Typepad is having a technical issue**


Well there you have it!  Week 1 is a wrap on the AMB Blog Tour.  We’ll take the weekend off, but pick up our journey on Monday May 26th, Memorial Day…..traffic be darned!



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