25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 6


Greetings, my road trip friends!!  Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready to hit the pavement for another week of fun-filled travels!!  Today is Day 6 of the AMB Blog Tour and the beginning of Week 2!  Yippee!  We’ll continue our jaunt on the East Coast for today’s itinerary.

Departing  from our last stop in Virginia, we’ll head North on the open road.  Time to look under the seat cushions and dig deep in your pockets for spare change, because the State on our First Stop of Day 6 boasts the longest toll road in the United States!!  The Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway is a whopping 641 miles long!!  Another fun fact about this State is that it was the first to require cars to have a license plate.  Wonder if a license plate made of American Made Brand solids would pass?!  Legal or not, Michele of the blog quiltsfrommycrayonbox.blogspot.com, definitely has a license plate block that passes the Clothworks Road Test!!  And if you guessed New York State as our first stop of  Week 2- bravo!!

New blog header-002

New York was a grand place to visit, but time to pile back in the car and head South to beautiful beaches, no less.  New York may have been the first state to require a license plate, but our next state was the first in flight.  Our Second Stop of Day 6 has a mix of mountains and beaches:  with the Appalachian Mountains stretching down the western side of the state, and gorgeous beaches creating the coastal border on the eastern side.  No wonder you’d want to get a birds-eye view of the lovely natural scenery!  The little town of Kitty Hawk is where it all began over 110 years ago, with the Wright Brothers making the first successful powered flight by man.  Patty, ambassador of….you guessed it, North Carolina, tells me that you can still walk along this path from takeoff to landing, while also exploring the beautiful lighthouses on the nearby beaches.  Ooh, I’m anxious to see what Patty’s license plate creation looks like…..so please head on over to her blog at A Stitch in Time!!


Woweee!!  Another action-packed, fun day of touring has come to an end!  Check back tomorrow for more traveling thrills on Day 7 of the AMB Blog Tour!




2 thoughts on “25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 6

  1. I am from Michigan, another state with a lot of coastline but not as many beautiful lighthouses as yours. Love your license plate. Nice job and thanks for the links to the history of the lighthouses. ELaine

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