25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 7


Today is Day 7 of the AMB Blog Tour and lucky for us, we’re going to keep cruising around the East Coast.  Today we’re headed to two beautiful States in the New England area and will be meeting with some super crafty ladies to check out their lovely license plate creations!

Yesterday we ended Day 6 of the tour on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina, exploring the trails and lighthouses scattered across the coast.  Today for our First Stop of Day 7, we’ll continue up the coast to visit a State with more idyllic lighthouses such as the Point Judith Lighthouse.  With the ocean being a natural source of inspiration,  it’s no wonder that we’ll be meeting up with Tina who writes the blog Seaside Stitches.  Last week, I spied a teaser post on her blog showing the color selection she’s using in her license plate block.  Inspired by the colors of things found on the beach- sand and sea glass, I’m anxious to see what she creates!!  If you haven’t already guessed, we’re headed to the lovely state of Rhode Island!


We’re definitely getting our fair share of beach-time on this tour.  No complaints here- I love the feeling of sand in between my toes when I take a stroll down the beach!  But all good things must come to an end!  Time to get back in the car and back in touch with our inner landlubber.  For the Second Stop of Day 7, we’ll be traveling  inward- to The Green Mountains and to greener pastures.  Believe it or not, this State boasts a population with a higher ratio of dairy cows to human beings.  No wonder we’re headed to the Home of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!  If you haven’t guessed already, we’re on our way to scenic Vermont!  And hopefully we’ll catch up with Marsha of Quilter in Motion, who also hits the open road and quilts as she goes–at the same time!  This license plate quilt block challenge should be a piece of cake for her, right?!



Well there ya have it– from the sea to the mountains– we’ve covered a lot on Day 7 of the AMB Blog Tour.  Check back tomorrow as we continue on course- to the Bluegrass State and the Volunteer State!





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