25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 9

web_photo_for-zoey-11Welcome back to another lovely day on the AMB Blog Tour, my fellow road-trippers!  Are you having as much fun as I am?  It’s been quite a journey to say the least– meeting our truly talented state representatives along the way while we indulge ourselves in their local culture.  I’m learning so many new things I never knew about this beautiful country, too!!  It’s hard to believe we still have 3 more weeks to go!  So let’s get this show on the road today for Day 9!

For our First Stop of Day 9, we’ll be traveling back up north through Kentucky again and across the river to the state just north of the border.  With all the driving we’ve been doing lately, it might be a good time to get a new set of tires.  Lucky for us, we’ve come to the State that’s home to The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, founded by Charles Goodyear inventor of vulcanized rubber.  And while we wait for our new tires, there’s plenty of things to do here!!  We could get in touch with our inner rockstar and visit The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or cheer on our favorite team at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  And since it’s Spring, maybe we could catch a Reds or Indians Game.  Or be a daredevil and visit one of the roller coaster theme parks- Cedar Point or Kings Island, anyone?  Better yet, let’s just meet our next guest blogger, who just happens to be a collaborator of American Made Brand.  It’s my sincerest pleasure to introduce you to Heather Jones, of the blog olive and ollie.  And if you haven’t figured out what state we’re in- here’s a little riddle:  What’s hi in the middle and round on the ends?  O-HI-O!

spring header gellasenheit

With a new set of wheels on the car, it’s time to pile back in and head to our next destination.  I loved visiting Ohio, ‘The Heart of It All!’, but I’m ready to check out our next stop.  If the slogan of our next State hints at what we’re about to encounter, ‘Come As You Are; Leave Different’, I’m filled with suspense!  After all, this is the State that brought us JAZZ…can any other place toot their horn to that?!!  Not only will the music get your heart beating, but I hear the food will put a little spice in your life!  Our next State is the home of the spicy hot pepper sauce, Tabasco sauce, which holds the second oldest food trademark in the US Patent Office.  It’s also the number one producer in the country of crawfish, alligator, shallots and is home to the oldest rice mill in the USA, too.  Mmmmm…all this talk is making me hungry…. JAMBALAYA, anyone??!  If you haven’t guessed by now where we’re headed to for the  Second Stop of Day 9, it’s beautiful Louisiana!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mary of Fleur de Lis Quilts.  Not only will she serve up a SUPER size helping of Southern Hospitality, but she offers this teaser for her license plate block creation:  ‘What’s the (new) name of the Louisiana Superdome?’  Check her blog to find out!

fleur de lis quilts & accessories

Day 9 of the AMB Blog Tour was most certainly a ‘trip’.  I’m beat from all of that gallivanting down in the Big Easy!!  Time to call it a day, get some rest, and continue on our travels tomorrow.   We’ll be back to another North-South jaunt across the country again for Day 10 of our tour.

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