What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’? FQ Bundle Giveaway!

Grill On Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway

The 4th of July falls on a Friday this week; do you have your grill in tip-top shape?!  It’s been a while since we hosted a fat quarter bundle giveaway, so in the spirit of the season, let’s Grill-It-On!

Up for grabs are 2 fat quarter bundles made from Barb Tourtilotte’s collection, Grill On by Clothworks.  We will select 2 winners at random who will receive one fat quarter bundle each.

Rules for entry of the Grill On Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway:

1)  Please leave only one comment per contestant on this blog post.  Be creative and tell us what you plan to do with your 4th of July!  **please note, duplicate comments will be disqualified.

2)  Residents with a USA shipping address will only qualify to receive a Fat Quarter Bundle prize.

3)  The deadline is Sunday, July 6th at 11:59 pm PDT to leave a comment on this blog post only.  Comments left on other blog posts will not be counted, please note.

2 Winners will be announced next Monday, July 7th here on the Works and will be emailed to get their name and shipping address.  Please keep an eye out on your junk mail box, just in case!!

Good luck to all those who leave a comment and Enjoy your 4th!



Cat Fancy: Laurel Burch Panel is in the Bag!

Front of cat purse

Here’s some fun for your Friday!  Pat, who works in accounting, has a very crafty friend named Linda who made this adorable little purse as a gift to her.  Do you recognize that pretty fabric?  None other than Laurel Burch could create such detailed depictions of kitty cats!!  The block print (shown below) from last year’s Clothworks release, Fabulous Felines by Laurel Burch, was utilized quite well for this simple clutch purse design, don’t you think?


Linda’s inspiration for this purse came from the book, Handbags 2 Designer Knockoffs, a collaboration written by Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman.  Though the book highlights Eileen Roche’s stunning embroidery techniques as a way of embellishing simple handbag silhouettes to create sophisticated, designer-worthy looks, I love how Pat’s friend Linda used Laurel Burch’s detailed fabric print to supe up this little handbag.  Do head over to Nancy Zieman’s blog, which features wonderful pictorial instructions on how to create this ‘personalized clutch’ design!

With no detail left out in the making of this sweet little purse, I’m loving how Linda included this cute embroidery design depicting a clutch purse on the inside lining of the bag:

Inside embroidery purse

The flip side of the clutch’s exterior is just as darling, too!  Here’s another design found on the block print from Fabulous Felines:

back of purse

A Big Thanks to Pat for bringing in her lovely purse & to Linda for allowing me to post this creation here on the Works!  TGIF, everyone!!!  Perhaps this will inspire you in your weekend sewing pursuits.





2014 Western Washington Shop Hop Fun


Being that Clothworks is based in Seattle, WA, each year we, along with fellow Seattle fabric manufacturer In the Beginning, print a new line of fabric that’s used exclusively in our local Shop Hop.


The Western Washington Shop Hop typically occurs around the 3rd weekend each June, beginning on a Wednesday and lasting through Sunday.  For participating shops, the time spent preparing before Shop Hop starts, as well as during the actual Shop Hop, can be a very exciting, if not a bit chaotic, time.  Last week,  here at the Works, we were finishing up the last leg of our whirlwind AMB Blog Tour across the United States to promote American Made Brand fabrics , and now we have some time to catch up.

This year the 2014 Western Washington Shop Hop took place from June 18-22.  If you’re local, perhaps you embarked on your very own road trip those past 5 days, cruising up and down the I-5 corridor, while island-hopping by ferry along the way, to visit the quilt shops on your itinerary!!  And if you were lucky to get it while still in stock, perhaps you purchased some extra 2014 Shop Hop fabric!  So what might you do with this fabric?!

Our friend Barbara of Enchanted Valley Arts has the perfect solution!  She designed a really lovely pattern for a wall-hanging that is seasonally on-trend and captures some of the scenic views of Western Washington.


Entitled, Master Gardener, this 21” square is made using fabric from the 2014 Western Washington Shop Hop.  You can purchase the pattern at Barbara’s website Enchanted Valley Arts, and also watch a video tutorial on how Barbara uses her special techniques to create this beautiful piece of fabric art!

And speaking of art….Barbara is an incredibly gifted artist.  Just check out this watercolor she painted which inspired her to create the Master Gardener pattern!


25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 25- FINAL DAY!


Greetings, road trip devotees!!  We’ve made it to the grand finale of our AMB Blog Tour!!!  First off, A Big THANKS goes out to all of our fantastically talented bloggers!  They’re just as warm, hospitable, and knowledgeable about their respective States as they are so creative, talented, and skilled at making their license plate quilt blocks.  Secondly, another Big THANKS goes out to our blog readers!  We hope you enjoyed this virtual journey across our beautiful country.  Perhaps it has inspired you to go on your own explorations–on the road, or maybe at the sewing machine, using American Made Brand fabrics, of course!   So, without further ado, shall we carry on with the last day of our journey?  ‘North, to the Future,’ is our first State’s motto….so with GPS set, let’s go!

For our First Stop of Day 25, we might have better luck getting around without a car.  Did you know that a major form of transportation in this State is the ferry system? Its routes are called “The Marine Highway System“.  Ferries connect people in many towns that are inaccessible by roads, like the capitol city Juneau and other towns in the southern panhandle, such as Sitka, Wrangell and Ketchikan.  Islands such as Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands rely heavily on the ferries for transportation of people and goods.  Speaking of islands and coasts, This state’s coastline extends over 6,600 miles, and when you superimpose this State’s map over the lower 48 States map, this State extends from coast to coast of the Continental US!!  Our next State even beats Texas in size– it’s over twice the size of it!!  You must have guessed by now that we taking a trip to Alaska!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to  Marguerita of Quilt As You Go.  She writes books, teaches ingenious quilting methods, and loves traveling in her home State of Alaska.  Please visit her blog to see what crafty license plate block she has created!

quilt as you go marguerita mcmanus


As we depart from the ‘Last Frontier’ State, let’s say ‘Aloha’ to our Second Stop of Day 25.  From east to west, our next State is the widest state in the United States, consisting of 8 main islands that were formed by under-sea volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago.  Our next State also happens to be the most isolated population center on the planet.  It is 2,390 miles from California; 3,850 miles from Japan; 4,900 miles from China; and 5,280 miles from the Philippines.  Being so isolated from the rest of the world, maybe it’s a good thing that they are the only State in the Nation to produce coffee.  Besides the beautiful island locale, a cup of java is sure to keep the natives happy.  Along with coffee, pineapples and macadamia nuts are also top crops in this State.  And if you haven’t deduced by now….the final stop on the AMB Blog tour is HAWAII!!!!  Please say Aloha to Barbara of Barbara Bieraugel Designs and check out her beautiful license plate block.

hawaii quilt



We DID it!!  Touring all 50 States on the AMB Blog Tour in 25 days was quite a whirlwind, but we learned so much and had a ton of fun along the way.  Landing in Hawaii for our final stop is not a bad place to be…..we definitely could use a little R&R!  Thanks for sticking with us on the tour, we hope you enjoyed it and please keep up with us here at The Works, and at American Made Brands to see the latest and greatest!



25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 24


Welcome to the second to the last day of our AMB Blog Tour, dear friends!!!  It’s Day 24 and we’re about to make our way to the FINAL FOUR States on our trip!  Sooo exciting!!  So while we still have gas in the tank, let’s get a move on it and visit our 2 States for the day before tomorrow’s final day!

The First Stop of Day 24 is quite a Land of Enchantment!  Relics from ancient cultures and civilizations can be found scattered throughout the deserts of this very beautiful State, as well as remnants of the modern atomic space age that have come to build the current industry here.  Three distinctive cultures have collided to create one very unique culture in this State:  from the ancient Native American tribes, to the Spanish, and the Anglos.  This State boasts the highest capital city of any State with an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level.  It also claims the title of lowest water-to-land ratio of all 50 States.  Lakes and Rivers make up only .002% of the State’s total surface area, and most of the lakes are man-made reservoirs.  In fact, as many as 3/4 of the roads in this State are not paved due to the dry climate– there are no worries of them washing away!  Besides the rich blend of many distinctive cultures, the natural beauty of the rugged, dry deserts, and the abundance of the mining and aerospace industries, there are a few other claims to fame this State has.  Let’s just say it’s got the ‘whole enchilada’…literally!  Every first weekend in October, Las Cruces hosts  the “Whole Enchilada Fiesta”.  And the town of Hatch is known as the “Green Chile capital of the world.”  But in which other state can you find a town called Truth or Consequences?  You guessed it….gorgeous New Mexico!  Let’s welcome our new blogger friend, Dora of the blog, Dora Quilts, and see what fantastic license plate block she has created!

dora quilts

From the Land of Enchantment on to something ‘Grand’ for our Second Stop of Day 24!  Our next State is brimming with natural wonders…too many to count on your hands, in fact!!  The most famous of them all, if you guessed from my clue above, is The Grand Canyon!  Aside from the Grand Canyon, there are more dazzling points of interest located here such as:   Havasu Canyon, Grand Canyon Caves, Lake Powell/Rainbow Bridge, Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, Monument Valley, Sunset Crater, Meteor Crater, Sedona Oak Creek Canyon, Salt River Canyon, Superstition Mountains, Picacho Peak State Park, Saguaro National Park, Chiricahua National Monument, and the Colorado River.  The saguaro cactus blossom is the official state flower and the saguaro is also the largest American cactus.  This State leads the nation in copper production, and the state gemstone is the beautiful turquoise- also found abundantly across the State.   And what other State could claim that the official state neckwear is the bolo tie?  Why Arizona, of course!!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the very talented Cheryl of  So Many Quilts, So Little Time.  Please visit her blog to see her very beautiful license plate block that really captures the landscape and feeling of her State!

so many quilts so little time

Day 24 down…and one more day to go on our AMB Blog Tour!!!!  After taking in such stunning scenery and natural beauty today, it’s time to get a little rest for our last day’s journey.  Thanks for following along with us– it’s been an adventure and won’t stop until the end of the day 25!  See you tomorrow, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!







25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 23


Good morning my fellow road ramblers!  Just 3 more days to go on the AMB Blog Tour.   Today is  Day 23 with 6 more States to visit!!  Hard to believe we’ll be wrapping up the tour in just a matter of days.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve really enjoyed meeting our new blogger friends and learning something new about their states!  Who knew New Jersey was known for their tomatoes?!!  Alright, time to head back out on the open road to get to today’s destinations!!

Let’s buzz on over to our First Stop of Day 23, The Beehive State.  This next State’s motto is ‘Industry’, and the beehive could not be more symbolic of this.  There are many more symbols that have become synonymous with this State, especially those concerning the natural landscape.  Without giving away the names of some of these scenic points of interest, this State is known for having a huge lake, many mountain ranges, and some natural rock formations that are just awe-inspiring.  What other State can boast the following:  five national parks, seven national monuments, two national recreation areas, and six national forests?  If you’ve guessed Utah as our first stop of Day 23, then you’re correct.  I’d love for you to meet our next blogger, Karen, who has this to say about her license plate block:  “My block is designed to evoke the natural beauty of Utah and iconic figures associated with the state.  On the Utah block are three official Utah State emblems and two nationally-known icons associated with the state.  How many can you guess?” Check out Karen’s blog, Fireball Quilts, to spot these symbols!


Fireball Quilts


Next on the itinerary is a stop in the Sooner State.  Back on April 22, 1889, the first day homesteading was permitted, a whopping 50,000 people swarmed into the State. Those who tried to beat the noon starting gun were called Sooners, hence this State’s nickname.  Before there were the Sooners, our Second Stop of Day 23 has a rich history with and population of Native Americans.  This State has the largest Native American population of any State in the U.S. Many of the 250,000 American Indians living here are descended from the 67 tribes who inhabited the Indian Territory. This State is the tribal headquarters for 39 tribes.  Our next State has also had more astronauts to originate from it (total of 7), as well as a high number of beauty queens, too– that’s 6 Miss America’s!!  And you can thank this State for giving us the following inventions:  the aerosol can, the shopping cart, the parking meter, and the first electric guitar.  Oh, and on a not so pleasant side note, this state is the highest producer of tornadoes in the country.  Which can only mean we’re headed to Oklahoma!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Glenna of Hollyhock Quilts.  Please check out her blog to see her nifty license plate block creation!

welcome to hollyhock


Another day down on the AMB Blog Tour! Hard to believe we are headed to the FINAL FOUR States of our roadtrip!!  Life on the road has become the norm and I’m really going to miss our tour when it comes to an end.  If you want to continue reading more about American Made Brand, head on over to our friend Goosie Girl’s blog to check out the fantastic write-up she did about AMB, as well as an opportunity to take part in a giveaway!  YAY!  See you tomorrow!








25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 22


Welcome back to  Day 22 of the AMB Blog Tour!!!  We’re into our 2nd day of the final week of our tour and have just 8 more States to visit.  Today we’ll make a leap across the country to visit one of the last East Coast locations, then head back out West for our 2nd stop.  Let’s keep our momentum going and head on over to our first destination.

The Garden State is where we will make our First Stop of Day 22.   While speaking at the Philadelphia Centennial exhibition on August 24th, 1876,  Abraham Browning of Camden, is given credit for coining the nickname, the Garden State, likening this State to an immense barrel  filled with good things to eat, and open at both ends– with Pennsylvanians grabbing from one end and New Yorkers from the other.  The name has stuck ever since then.  To further reinforce this nickname, some of the best tomatoes in the world are known to come out of this State…go figure!  Besides agriculture being one of its strong suits, this State is a leading technology State ( the light bulb, phonograph, and motion picture projector were invented by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park laboratory here).  Tourism is one of the top industries in this State, too, and maybe it’s because of all the seaside resorts, boardwalks, or shopping malls (with seven major shopping malls in a 25 sq. mile radius– the most in the world).  If the first clue tipped you off, then you know we’re headed to beautiful New Jersey!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the very artistic Rayna.  Check out her blog, studio 78 notes, to see her lovely license plate creation!

studio 78 notes

As we peel out of our first destination, with famous New Jerseyan Bruce Springsteen crooning ‘Born to Run’ on the radio, let’s gallop at full speed to our Second Stop of Day 22!    Gallop, or maybe ‘bucking’ would be the more appropriate term to describe the symbol used on our next State’s automobile license plate.  There’s a story behind that bucking bronco– named “Old Steamboat”.  Over a century ago, this bronco could not be ridden and ever since then, he’s become a symbol of this State, The Cowboy State!  And with a State motto like ‘Equal Rights’, it’s very fitting that this was the first State to give women the right to vote.  In fact, back in 1925, Nellie Tayloe Ross was elected governor of this State, becoming the nation’s first woman governor, too.  Those cowgirls must be a tough bunch!  If you figured it out by now, then you know we’re headed to Wyoming!  Please meet Sylvia of the blog Excessive Compulsive Sewing to see her beautiful license plate creation!

excessive compulsive sewing

Yay!  Another day crossed off the itinerary on the AMB Blog Tour! We’ve only got 6 more States to go before we complete our road trip.  Get some rest and we’ll see you tomorrow.  Ciao for now!








25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 21


Happy Monday, Renegades of the Road, and Welcome to WEEK 5 of the AMB Blog Tour!!!  It’s Day 21 and the start of our last week of the tour.  Ten more beautiful States to visit and Ten more awesome bloggers to meet!  So with mocha latte double shot espresso in one hand, and the wheel in the other, let’s kick it into high gear and begin the last leg of our road trip!  Yee-haw!

Our First Stop of Day 21, has the State motto, ‘Oro y Plata’, or Gold & Silver.  That can only mean we must be headed to the ‘Treasure State’.  And rightfully so, since the Yogo Sapphire hailing from this State is the only North American gem to be included in the Crown Jewels of England.  The ‘Crown Jewel of the Continent’, otherwise known as Glacier National Park, is located in our next State, too. Besides all of the natural scenic beauty that’s abundant here, did I mention Yellowstone National Park is located in the southern part and was the first national park in the country?  This State sure has a ‘wild’ side to it.  It’s not just the cowboys that call this a ‘capitol’, too.  In this State, the elk, deer, and antelope populations outnumber the humans!  And the grizzly bear population is the largest out of all the other States in the Lower 48.  It’s name is derived from the Spanish word for ‘mountain’, and hopefully that has clued you in…we’re headed to Big Sky Country….welcome to Montana!  Please meet Wendy and visit her blog, Why Knot Kwilt , to see what license plate block she has created!



Moving right along, to the west, we’ll ‘hop’ across one of the States we visited earlier in our tour and head to our  Second Stop of Day 21.  Our next destination is a bit of a homecoming for us.  We’ll hafta stop by our office and warehouse in Seattle to say hi, of course!  But along the way, we’ll shall catch a salmon from the fish mongers at Pike Place, load up on apples at the plentiful orchards around here, and get a refill on our latte from Starbucks, which just happens to be based in this State.  And if our car decides it can’t take any more miles on our road trip, no worries.  We could always board a plane….there are plenty of those around thanks to Boeing.  Do I really need to say more?  Welcome to wonderful Washington, home of the 2014 Superbowl winners, the Seahawks, and how could we forget– home to Clothworks, manufacturer of American Made Brand fabrics!   Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the very talented Anita!  Check out her blog, Bloomin’ Workshop, to see what lovely license plate block she has created!



Day 21 is over and done with, and only 4 more days to go on the AMB Blog Tour.  Come back tomorrow to see what fun we’ll be in store.  See you then!!




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25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 20


We made it!  It’s Day 20 of the AMB Blog Tour and Week 4 is almost over!!  One more week– that’s 5 more days– and we will have completed our road trip across the 50 States!!!  What a whirlwind of a tour it’s been- traveling to 2 States per day and meeting all of our incredibly gifted bloggers!  I’m enjoying all of the creative ways our bloggers have represented their States in their license plate blocks.  So let’s get on with the day and on to our destinations!


For our First Stop of Day 20, we’re headed to the Peace Garden State.  Named for an actual location, The International Peace Garden, which straddles the border of this State and our neighbor to the north, Canada. Right smack dab in the middle of this State, in the town of Rugby, you will get to the geographical center of North America, too.  A rock obelisk about 15 feet tall, flanked by poles flying the United States and Canadian flags marks this location.  Our next State could lay claim to having one of the smallest cities ever.  Maza, with a population of 5 people, is still considered a city in this State’s eyes, not a town or village, no matter how small it is.  Despite Kansas’s reputation as the ‘Sunflower State’, our next State produces more sunflowers than any other State in the nation.  Currently, there may be a big oil boom in this State that’s contributing to the economic prosperity, but agriculture & farming are still the contenders for top industries here.  Ranchers in this State produce enough beef to make 113 million hamburgers each year. There are approximately three times more cattle than people in the State, and the world’s largest hamburger was eaten here weighing 3,591 lbs.   If you’re eating America- made pasta, most likely it’s made from durum wheat produced in this State, too.   Welcome to our ‘friend’ of the North, North Dakota !  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Terri of Terri Stegmiller Art Quilts.  Check out the beautiful work that Terri creates….it’s stunning and so is her license plate!


Our first stop of the day was in North Dakota, so that can only clue us in on where our Second Stop of Day 20 shall be.  Did you know that ‘Dakota’ is the Sioux word for ‘friend’ or ‘ally’?  In fact, our next State is the home of the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota tribes, which make up the Sioux Nation.  Our last stop in North Dakota may claim the geographical center of North America, but our second stop of the day claims the geographic center of the United States of America.  Belle Fourche is the geographical center of the USA, designated in 1959, and noted by an official marker and sheepherder’s monument called a “Stone Johnnie”.  Our next State is home to the Badlands National Park, which consists of nearly 244,000 acres of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires blended and the largest, protected mixed grass prairie in the United States.  The Badlands National Park contains the world’s richest Oligocene epoch fossil beds, dating 23 to 35 million years old.  And speaking of other things ‘bad to the bone,’ if you spotted a slew of  ‘road hogs’ on the highway in this State,  perhaps you witnessed the annual Black Hills Classic Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis.  Only this can mean we must be in beautiful South Dakota!!  Please meet Moneik of the blog Moneik Quilts who will show you her nifty license plate block creation!


Moneik We Can Do It



We made it!!  Scratch Week 4 off your calendars, and give yourselves a pat on the back!  Not only have we made it to 40 States on the AMB Blog Tour, but we’ve survived both Friday the 13th and a full moon, too!!!  Rest up over the weekend as we take our last break and see you on Monday for our final week of the tour…Week 5!  Yay!




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25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 19


Greetings, my blog tour friends!!  It’s Day 19 of the AMB Blog Tour and the days on our tour are going by faster and faster!  Before you know it, we’ll have completed our rounds to all 50 States in the USA!  I’ve had loads of fun discovering all sorts of interesting tidbits about each state, as well as meeting our crafty bloggers who have a wonderful knack for representing the states right down to the fine details and itty-bitty stitches!  So let’s carry on with the tour and see where we wind up today!

For our First Stop of Day 19, we head to the Cornhusker State.  Ironically, this State was once known as ‘The Great American Desert’ by European explorers, but in fact, this State has some of the best farming land in the world!  Here’s a little road trip trivia for you:  this was the first State to complete its segment of the nation’s mainline interstate system, a 455 mile stretch of four lane highway.  And furthermore, where do you suppose some of those vintage American automobiles end up when they go out of commission?  Not the junkyard….but Carhenge!  Carhenge, located in our next State along Highway 87, is a replica of England’s Stonehenge, the stone sculpture used as a calendar by ancient civilizations.  In the Carhenge sculpture, vintage American cars have been used in place of the stones with proportions to match!  Besides Carhenge, some more all-American faves have come out of our next State:  Kool-aid, Spam, the ‘Reuben’ sandwich, Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire,  and the strobe light!  Only in Nebraska, right?!  Welcome to our first State of Day 19 and please meet the talented Sandi of the blog, renaissanceSandi!  Check out her license plate block.



Nebraska is considered a Great Plains State, and we’ll continue our tour in this beautiful area of the USA for our  Second Stop of Day 19.  Our next State’s name comes from a Spanish term meaning ‘colored red’ or ‘ruddy’, after the color of the silt that runs in the major river that also shares this State’s name.  Did you know that the State Capitol Building here used a distinctive red marble called  “Beulah red” to give it a unique and marvelous look?  Cutting, polishing, and installing the marble in the Capitol took six years, from 1894 to 1900. All of the “Beulah red” marble in the world went into the Capitol, too, so that means it cannot be replaced– at any price.  The 13th step of this building is exactly 1 mile high above sea level.  Did I mention that out of all 50 states, our next State has the highest mean altitude?   The largest flat-top mountain in Grand Mesa is located here.  And  Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” after being inspired by the view from Pikes Peak, another famous high altitude location in this State.  One more fun ‘American-inspired’ piece of trivia:  This State’s Cap City lays claim to the invention of the cheeseburger.  The trademark for the name Cheeseburger was awarded in 1935 to Louis Ballast.  With colorful inspiration scattered all throughout our next State, I’m anxious to see what our next blogger has created for her license plate block.  Welcome to beautiful Colorado say hello to Amy of  Sew Incredibly Crazy !


Header Spring 14


Hope you enjoyed today’s States and talented bloggers on the AMB Blog Tour !  Get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow we head towards the Badlands!!  See you then!




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