25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 11


Good Morning and Happy Monday to all!  As Week 2 of the AMB Blog Tour is left trailing in the dust, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and peel on outta here to begin Week 3!!  Buckle up everyone, let’s get a mooooove on it!

As we kick off Week 3 on this Monday morning, how ironic is it that we’re headed to the State with the slogan, ‘A Million Miles from Monday’?!!   Well luckily it won’t take us a million miles to get to our next destination!!  With all sorts of fun things to do in our next State, no wonder you’d feel a million miles away from the disappointing reality of a ‘Monday’.  First off, this State claims the 3rd largest city in the USA- which is also referred to as the ‘Candy Capital of the World’.   There are a total of 14 amusement parks in this State, it has the oldest national public zoo (with free admission), and debuted the world’s first Ferris Wheel at the Columbian Expo in 1893.  Oh, and speaking of Ferris…that funny movie from the 1980s about a sly high school guy playing hookie from school for the day, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, was also filmed in this state.  The most pertinent fact I learned in my research about our next State is that it has more personalized license plates than any other state!  So let’s meet our next blogger, Kathleen of A Sentimental Quilter, representing the fun state of Illinois.  I bet her personalized license plate block tops all of ’em in her state!


As we carry on to our second destination today, this next State was one of the first to set some requirements for the newly invented automobile.  In 1901, this State passed the first automobile law, setting the speed limit at just 12 miles per hour.  Oh my (and thank goodness)– how the pace of life has really picked up since then!!  We can also thank this State for making the license plate a permanent fixture on our cars.  In 1937 this State became the first to issue permanent license plates for cars.  Which couldn’t be a better segue to introduce our next guest blogger!  For our Second Stop of Day 11 will be in Connecticut where we’ll meet up with Pam of the blog Jump Cut Arts.  She’s most anxious to show off her version of the original handmade vanity plate and promises it won’t be black & white, nor rust!


Thanks for sticking with us as we launch Week 3 of the AMB Blog Tour! It’s hard to believe in just a couple days we’ll be at the halfway mark of our tour.  We’ve definitely earned some road warrior badges just for that!  See you tomorrow for Day 12.

And before we leave you, an announcement:  The Quiltmakers Christmas in July contest is now open!


Head on over to this link to find out more details and enter to win prizes!!




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