25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 12


Greetings, my blog-touring friends!!  Glad you’ve joined us on another day of the AMB Blog Tour.  It’s Day 12 of the tour, so let’s get going since we’ve got a full day of driving ahead!  For our first stop, we’ll be visiting the State that’s at the most Northeastern corner of the country.   Then for our second stop, we’ll head back  to the Midwest, to the place that’s also known as the ‘Gateway to the West.’

Heading from our last stop yesterday in Connecticut, we’ll drive up the coast to our First Stop of Day 12.  Believe it or not, this next State located on the Eastern seaboard, has more miles of coastline than California. The coastline for this State is said to have some of the deepest harbors that could accommodate all of the world’s navy fleets.  The coastlines, dotted with many idyllic lighthouses, are not all there is to offer here.  There’s 542,629 acres of State and National Parks, too.  If the coastline and natural scenery are any reason, one of the nicknames of this State is The Vacation State.  No wonder former president George H. W.  Bush & first lady Barbara spend their summers here.  With the natural beauty that abounds in this state providing great inspiration, it makes perfect sense that 2 of the most recognized writers are from here:  poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and horror novelist  Stephen King.  But there’s more than just great works of art produced in this State.  If you’re catching on to which State I’m talking about, then you may know it mostly for its lobster supply (nearly 90% of the country’s supply), but did you know that almost 99% of the US’s blueberry crop is produced here, too?  If you guessed Maine as our First Stop of Day 12, you are the winner!!  The very talented Margaret of the blog, Quilts of Love, will be your state ambassador.  Stop by to say hi and see her lovely license plate block.



Switching directions now, we’re headed back west, towards the ‘Gateway of the West’, indeed!  Just like Tennessee, our next State is one of the most neighborly States- sharing borders with 8 other States.  And just like Maine, our next State produced some of the most well-known writers that have a special place in classic American literature:  Samuel Clemens, more familiarly known as Mark Twain, who wrote about life on the Mississippi River in his novels ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’, and Laura Elizabeth Ingalls, writer of ‘Little House on the Prairie’.   Other notable things to come from this State include:  Iced Tea and Ice Cream Cones were invented here at the Worlds Fair in 1904, as well as Dr. Pepper, the soft drink.  Speaking of other drinks, the Anheuser- Busch brewery (the US’s largest brewery) is located here, too.  Besides beer, there’s famous BBQ that comes from here, and I’m sure our next guest blogger is all too familiar with this style of BBQ since she comes from there.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Jenifer, who throws this teaser at us to point us in the right direction on our blog tour, “Does the Kansas City girl put the Gateway Arch in her block?”  Check out Jenifer’s amazing work at her blog,  42 Quilts, if you haven’t already guessed that we’re headed to her beautiful state of Missouri for our Second Stop of Day 12.

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Yay!  Well that’ll do it!  Another day comes to an end on the AMB Blog Tour! Do you believe we’ll be marking the halfway point of the trip tomorrow?  Come follow along to see where we end up celebrating this major milestone!!


And a reminder:  The Quiltmakers Christmas in July contest is now open!


Head on over to this link to find out more details and enter to win prizes!!




2 thoughts on “25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 12

    • You’re welcome, Leslie! It was a pleasure to visit such a beautiful state and meet such a talented quilter like Margaret. With all the surrounding natural beauty, I can see how Maine can be an artist’s haven!!

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